Newt Gingrich: The Obi-won Kenobi of a Party wanting to lie, cheat and hate women better

February 18, 2007 by  

Known misogynist Newt Gingrich – who never met a mistress he wouldn’t only accept fellatio from – is given the hero’s treatment by fellow Republicans it seems, according to Washington Whisper’s Paul Bedard.

“He’s back. A conservative back-bencher who fired up a lackluster GOP and grabbed victory in 1994, Newt Gingrich is being tapped by the newly out-of-power group to help map a return trip. ‘Unlike anyone else in the party,” says a prominent GOP insider, “Newt knows how to fight back.’ ” writes Bedard.

So Newt, that master planner who has devised such brilliant strategies as the “Contract with America” and “How to dump your bitch of a wife after her cancer surgery” has now enacted a new plan which gutless Republicans and lazy political reporters have eagerly followed.

“At a second retreat of conservatives this month, he challenged them to bark loudly and often at Democrats and use parliamentary moves to thwart the opponents. His first order to conservative rabble-rousers: Take over the GOP message. Next, he suggested tactics and rules to delay legislation and tricks to trap Democrats. Finally, drop a bomb the media will love. The GOP did, slapping Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s demand for an “Air Force Three” to fly her home to San Francisco. Says a leadership aide, “He brings up things that we didn’t even know about.’ ” writes Bedard.

Invent scandals and try and grind meaningful debate to a halt by playing a Congressional four-corners offense. This is the Gingrich plan, and apparently, it’s become the mantra for the party. They could care less about any damage they’ve done to the nation. They could care less about U.S. soldiers being shipped back to the U.S. in pieces. They care just about manipulating the media and public so they can get re-elected. And they are remarkably open about it.

And amazingly, despite his obvious inner hate for women, the U.S. troops, free speech, and America as a whole, many on the GOP side still consider Gingrich a strong possible Presidential candidate.

To be honest in Gingrich’s behalf, he just happens to have accepted a great truth – his base doesn’t care about his un-American and woman-hating ways. That’s actually a good platform for them. The fact is, however, Gingrich perfectly represents today’s politician, especially on the Republican side – do and say anything to remain in power, while being worried only about sound bites rather than actual Americans. Even Americans dying in an “Epic Battle of Civilizations.”



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