GOP finds a true ‘Reagan Republican’ candidate – Ronald Reagan

March 26, 2007 by  

By William K. Wolfrum

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WASHINGTON — In a shocking political maneuver bound to send shock waves through Washington, the estate of Ronald Reagan has announced that the corpse of Reagan will be throwing its hat in the ring for a full-fledged run for the GOP nomination for the 2008 U.S. Presidential election.

“When we say ‘throwing his hat in the ring’ we mean that figuratively, of course,” said Reagan campaign manager William Casey, who himself died in 1986. “No one can fit in Regan’s shoes, not even Ronnie, because of decay, but he really comes the closest.”

With a weak field of conservative hopefuls lining up for the GOP nomination, and pundits lamenting the lack of a “true Reagan Republican,” many have come out to support the Reagan campaign.

“You need to accept the fact that it’s a lackluster field out there,” said Reagan adviser John Sears. “We have very little doubt that a dead Ronald Reagan will literally destroy anyone the Democrats can throw at us. Ronnie vs. Hillary? Forget about it.”

The move apparently took many Democrats by surprise, and leaders seemed unwilling to say anything bad about the man so many refer to as “St. Ronnie.”

“Ronald Reagan was a great American,” said Sen. John Kerry. “Is America ready for a 96-year-old President that will have been dead for more than four years? We’ll have to let the voters decide.

“And when I say ‘was a great American,’ I believe I mean ‘is a great American,’ ” added Kerry. “I’m really going to have to research this some before I comment more.”

Some democrats have openly supported a Reagan run.

“In a time when America is too weak to fight in a never-ending war, Reagan is a man who could lead us,” said Sen. Joe Lieberman. “I’d vote for him, or pretty much anyone my party, I mean the GOP, nominates.”

For their part, Conservative pundits have been unequivocal in their support for the former President.

“Honestly, he doesn’t look a day over six months dead,” said Michelle Malkin. “A man with the testosterone Reagan packed is still incredibly potent up to 10 years after his death, and that’s a scientific fact.”

Sears pointed out that while many point to Reagan’s fight with Alzheimer’s Disease as a possible stumbling point for the campaign, he pointed out that the Reagan’s illness has now been in remission for nearly two years.

“Indeed,” said Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds.

Indeed many are excited about the possibility of the U.S. re-entering a “feel-good” era of economic development.

“Reaganomics actually makes a lot more sense with the great man being dead,” said Alan Greenspan, who, appearances aside, maintains life.

Reagan’s biggest fan, radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh said he will devote as much time as possible between trips to the Dominican Republic to stump for Reagan.

“This man single-handedly destroyed communism,” said Limbaugh on his radio show. “If he’s maintained any physical integrity at all – say, he still has an arm attached – this is a no-brainer. The terrorists have to be shaking in their shoes now.”

Regardless of the early support, a long campaign likely is going to cost the Reagan campaign much more than his rivals, as refrigeration costs will likely be massive, though reports have trickled in that the Reagan campaign has already received millions of dollars in campaign donations from religious right organizations.

“Who better to campaign for pro-life causes than a dead man,” said anti-abortion spokesperson Shelley Shannon. “He truly understands the issue on a level few can.”

Time will tell whether this new Reagan era will explode as the previous one did, but Sears made it clear, his man has shaken off the cobwebs and maggots, and is ready for a tough campaign.

“Oh, it’ll be hard, we understand that,” said Sears. “But look at all the supporters John McCain has, even though it’s obvious he passed away sometime during the 2000 Presidential campaign.

“People are saying the Republican party is dead, and we want to look the American people straight in the eye and say ‘Exactly. Vote Reagan,’” added Sears.



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