Dehumanization of Muslims working wonders in U.S. – more Sunday reading

September 9, 2007 by  

Iran cockroaches

Here is a given: George W. Bush and the neocon dream team building his foreign policy could truly care less about terrorists.

Because it’s quite easy to point at people like David Brooks and scoff at what an idiot he is and ponder how he manages to still get published. It’s just too easy, in fact. Which leads one to the conclusion that it’s blindingly obvious that fighting terrorism is the least of the neo-cons concerns. They are empire building, or at least, empire building as it goes for the year 2007. And the Kristols, Krauthammers and Brooks of the world could care less how they are perceived provided that their long-term goals are met. And they are being met.

However, there are many in the U.S. that believe an evil terrorist menace is coming to enslave us all unless we bog down our military in Iraq, then take over Iran and Syria, as well. These are Americans have such a stunted world view that they literally believe that Islamic extremists are mindless zombies. You know, the types that just chase after you at 1 mile per hour, arms outstretched, chanting “Shaaarrriiiaaa Laaaaw, Shaaarrriiiaaa Laaaaw.”

This is what many Americans think we’re fighting. Literally. There are Americans out there that believe the vast majority of all Muslims are subhuman animals, who only care of enslaving and murdering. And that we should not care how many of them we kill or displace, because – as the cartoon above shows – they are cockroaches.

Basically, many Americans have been pulled in by one of the oldest tricks in the book – the dehumanizing of a different culture. It’s a ploy that always seems to work, and we actually have perfect recent examples of it from Nazi Germany and Rwanda. But history is ignored, and right now, there are millions of Americans who have gladly accepted the dehumanization of Muslims as preached by politicians and the media.

And while the majority of Americans haven’t fallen for this despicable ploy, enough have to give those in charge of the U.S. the green light to kill as many Muslims as they need in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, or wherever else so that they can continue their plan of building an American empire and bending the world to U.S. might.

More Sunday reading

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Finally, if you haven’t seen Robert Greenwald’s clip of Rudy Giuliani’s putting the emergency command center in WTC 7, watch it below. If I’m a candidate in a debate against ol’ Mayor Rudy, this is the only thing I talk about, regardless of the question. This issue alone shows Giuliani’s true character.



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