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One of the things that made Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood” such a charming film was how Burton captured a real sense of the gloriously eclectic camaraderie with Wood and his gloriously eclectic followers. That sense of community made a delicious backdrop to an already irresistible protagonist.

It is with this in mind that we announce the Grand Opening of ShakesQuill. As the sign says, it will be a place for “poetry, prose, vim, vinegar, whatever we want.”

ShakesQuill will be a place where those of us who aspire to fiction or other forms of writing can go and feel at home. And a place where literary lovers can love. And a place poetry, errr, practicers can practice. And such.

For myself, please note the above paragraph for the work I need as I pursue the first real challenge of my writing career. Just know that I enter this completely dedicated to making the first sustained effort of writing fiction and learning how to write in my life. And I will show the same dedication to the running of the site. Melissa McEwan has set a high standard for Shakesville and we plan on striving to maintain the spirit of community that thrives among Shakers.

The QCoFM herself will be a contributor, and Melissa has a short story there now which currently makes up our entire story inventory, But soon, soon, I say you will be seeing the short stories, poems, screenplays and novels in various stages of production, advice, questions, book reviews, and other weekly and daily features from our other current contributors: Maurinsky, Chet Scoville, Mustang Bobby, Portly Dyke and Space Cowboy. With more sure to come.

Because everyone is encouraged to get involved at ShakesQuill. Anyone not interested in being a full-time contributor can submit items to me at wkwolfrum@gmail(dot)com. There is also a link available on the Front-page of ShakesQuill.

As for commenting at ShakesQuill, we will be using Disqus as we use at Shakesville. Should anyone have any trouble commenting, please let me know.

Right now at ShakesQuill we have up a daily and a weekly feature. First, “The Word of the Day” which will feature a new word, either real or slang, with a definition and usage. And, wow, let me tell you, if someone wanted to take charge of that, I’d be pretty excited. The first one can be found here.

We also have our first Reader-Created Story up. This will be a weekly feature that I think should catch on and become the greatest thing since sliced bread. And sliced bread was a pretty great thing, let me add. Find out the stringent (not) rules and regulations by clicking here, and then lets see if you put enough Shakers in a thread if they can produce Hamlet.

We also will have grammar posts. Chet Scoville will share some of his skills with us any if any of you have a love of grammar, let me know. If we had 10 people posting about grammar, that would be wonderful. But, you know, two or three will do, if need be.

Basically, anything under the literary sun will shine at ShakesQuill. We’re open to all types of forms of expression, and I hope it will attract a wide array of different attitudes and writing styles and opinions. And I hope there will be more writers like me. Writers that are ready to take that next step but need a little push. will be that push, I believe.

Finally, what I want from ShakesQuill is this – for it to be a safe place to share ideas, thoughts and more with other writers, with all of us at varying stages and interest levels. Trolls getting through will be deleted without comment. I want ShakesQuill to be a place where everyone can get the opportunity to learn, and to become dedicated or re-dedicated to fiction or other creative mediums.

So take a break from the political debate and indulge in a good read over at Shakesquill, which is at

Feel free to leave any questions you have in comments.


One Response to “ShakesQuill now open for your submissions and more”

  1. dgun on July 16th, 2008 7:25 pm

    New projects are always very exciting. I hope you and the folks you’re working with have much success. It it sounds like a very interesting concept.

    >> just know that I enter this completely dedicated to making the first sustained effort of writing fiction

    I have a character for your piece. (‘piece’ is what us writers call such, onaccountof we’s fancy talkin’). Me. :)

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