Both Sides Must Stop Being Such Fuc**** Extremists!!

September 15, 2009 by  

I have been struggling with a strong case of disillusionment recently. Yes, my illusi has been feeling quite dissed. After much soul-searching into why I’ve settled into a general state of ennui, I finally came too the core of the issue. I now understand what has bothered me so much. Extremism. And now I understand that I must fight it.

If I may be blunt, here is what we call the nut graph of this post: Americans on both sides of the aisle are becoming far too extremist. Both Democrats and Republicans have flown over the edge of reason, and they must be reigned back in.

Because, let’s face it, extremism will destroy this nation and both sides must come to grips with the extremists in their midsts. Thus, Republicans must come face-to-face with things like having their supporters show up at Barack Obama speeches with guns and believing that Obama wants to put them in prison camps. And Democrats must boldly face the extremists on their side.

Also, Republicans must look to help the troubled extremists who kill innocent people in the name of Conservatives. And Democrats must deal with the extremists on their side, as well.

There’s so much more for both sides to work on. The Democrats must shut down the leftist extremists that threaten to destroy the party by doing the things they do and saying the things they say. And Republicans must deal with those that scream at the President during official speeches, those that hurl hate and disinformation at the public, those that believe Obama was born in Kenya, those that call Obama “Hitler,” those that scream of death panels, etc.

This is a bi-partisan issue, my friends. This nation needs both sides to come together and shed the fringe elements that threaten our very existence. More than anything, both sides need to stop being such fuc**** extremists.



2 Responses to “Both Sides Must Stop Being Such Fuc**** Extremists!!”

  1. Bob on September 15th, 2009 6:57 am

    I’m sorry. I’ll try and tone it down a bit. Perhaps posting less photos of my kitteh will help restore the balance?

  2. Michael on September 15th, 2009 7:50 am

    Yes, the kitty blogging must cease. Incessant posting of cat pictures is exactly the kind of extremism WKW is talking about here. But Bob, it’s not just you. This is a pervasive problem that has been building for quite some time:

    Get the word out: Leftist extremist cat blogging must stop!

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