“Obama Sucks” won’t be enough

April 24, 2012 by  

Since beginning his work on the general election, presumptive GOP nominee has kept things simple – attack Barack Obama from all angles. This should not be surprising, of course, as the entire GOP nomination process was about seeing who could despise Obama more.

With just more than six months remaining until the general election on Nov. 6, Romney’s is just getting warmed up. His attacks on Obama – notably on the economy – will be inexhaustible. But herein lies the rub – that’s a loser’s tactic.

During Obama’s historic 2008 campaign, he rallied people with his “Yes we can” rhetoric. The enthusiasm was for a man that promised to make the changes needed in a political system that was clearly broken. And while some feel let down that actions didn’t match the words in the past three-and-a-half years, Obama will again make the same pledge.

For Romney, however, there is no great change on the horizon. His economic plan is more tax cuts for the rich. His education plan is privatization. His foreign policy plan is to bomb countries.  All his plans, in fact, are just jacked-up versions of the same plans the GOP has given us for decades. It’s not a platform a Presidential candidate can loudly trumpet in this day and age.

But Romney will trumpet Obama’s errors, occasionally real but mostly conceived. Unfortunately for Romney, Obama’s real achilles heal with Democrats and independents – civil liberties – won’t be included in the barrage. The GOP will see to it that Civil liberties are a verboten subject.

As time goes on, Obama’s lead over Romney will grow. Because Mitt Romney has nothing to offer outside of attacks on Obama. And too many people are already sold on Obama for this to have meaningful effect on the election.

Voters across the U.S. are already seeing Romney and the GOP in one light – they want Obama out. And if it means supporting a candidate that half the conservative base loathes, then so be it.

So while Obama will run on Change again, Romney and the GOP will run on an “Obama Sucks” platform. And that’s just not smart campaigning. And it won’t be nearly enough to keep Obama from winning a second term.




2 Responses to ““Obama Sucks” won’t be enough”

  1. RS Janes on April 30th, 2012 12:02 pm

    Sorry I’ve been missing the WKW Chronicles for some time now. Glad to see the cyber sign’s up, the mental shelves are stocked, and you’re still in virtual business. As to the topic of this post, I think Romney might do much more poorly than the ‘close election’ Pundit Class thinks. From my unscientific barroom poll, I can’t find anyone, left, right or center, who likes Romney and plans to vote for him. As one Republican said, “I’d rather have Obama than Flipper. At least we have something to fight against with Obama.” I think the GOP Elite might just be trying to throw this election to lessen the influence of the Teabagging crackpots and Christopublican oafs. Really, if you were picking a serious candidate to oppose Obama, would you choose a vacuous moneybags caricature like hoof-in-mouth Romney who hasn’t learned a thing about campaigning for president in the five years he’s been pursuing the office?

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