Oscar De La Hoya batters Ricardo Mayorga: Here’s hoping it was the Golden Boy’s curtain call

After watching Oscar De La Hoya manhandle Ricardo Mayorga to the tune of a completely dominant 6th-round TKO, it’s become apparent that, at 33, the Golden Boy is finally being embraced.

He’s always been embraced by his multitude of fans, of course, but now even his critics have to look at his body of work and grudgingly respect De La Hoya’s career.

It was a confident, dominant performance by De La Hoya, light years removed from the worst performance of his career — the ninth-round body-shot knockout he suffered at the hands of Bernard Hopkins.

But Oscar came out with guns blazing against Mayoga in Las Vegas, and reminded everyone of his quality, as well as the devastation his left hook can bring when he commits to it.

At 33, we’re seeing the final rounds of De La Hoya’s career, but against Mayorga he appeared to be the Golden Boy again. Now would be time for De La Hoya to take his WBC Jr. Middleweight title and head off to a sunset of promotions, singing and stardom.

Because if he continues fighting, his path leads to only one man — Floyd Mayweather. If Oscar wants to leave his active boxing career with fans and critics impressed, then the time to leave is now. Because a fight with “Pretty Boy” appears unwinnable.

But regardless, a fine performance by De La Hoya in what could be a fantastic way to call it a career.


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