Sure Americans are aloof, but at least we aren’t French

January 13, 2006

Moving to Brazil has given me a few insights on how the rest of the world views Americans. There are definite stereotypes for us Yanks here, with one of them being that we have a deep, seething hatred of the French.

Well, let me put that one to rest, once and for all. The average American could care less about France. In fact, Americans really could care less about any nation not named the United States. So relax France, we don’t hate you. We couldn’t even find you on a map, or identify your flag (it’s white, right?).

A more popular stereotype for Americans though is that we are terribly aloof, and that one, at least in regard to myself, is spot on.

Here in Brazil, one of the most prominent activities is to sit around, eat a little something and talk about random generalities. For like, 14 hours at a stretch. I’m really struggling with this, to be honest. And while I’ll try and be a part of the group gab, mostly, all I do is think about how I can make my escape and get away from everyone.

Now, I’ll accept that I’m a little less friendly than the average American, but I do think this is somewhat of a national trait. Not that Americans aren’t friendly, mind you. In fact, we’re overboard polite to most people from what I reckon. I just don’t think we’re all that much into just hanging out for hanging out’s sake. Unless there are copious amounts of booze involved, of course.

But the fact that I don’t drink any longer makes it just about unbearable for me to just sit around and chat. And I have no idea how one would go about rectifying this problem. I’m really going to need some type of advanced brain therapy to get myself to want to be part of the group, rather than to just smile dumbly and nod while plotting my escape.

Who knows how we got this way, but I’m pretty sure a lot of other Americans feel the same as I on this. But, if blame really needs to be given, I truly believe there’s but one thing we Americans can blame for our general aloofness – the French.


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