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Details: Tommy Wiseau is God.


Jan. 8: Max`s Desire

Jan. 12: The Pundit: Coming soon …

Jan. 13: The state of our union - Max Baucus hammered on the Senate floor.

Jan. 19: Tickling the Monkey.

Jan. 20: Max’s Desire.

Jan. 26: Rusty the Narcoleptic Dachshund.

Jan. 31: How to report the news, by Charlie Booker.

Feb. 1: Run away!!

Feb. 7: Snowball fight!

Feb. 19: Bill Maher talks Tea Bags.

Feb. 26: Eddie the Eagle flies in Canada.

March 8: Fisher Steven’s Oscar acceptance speech for “The Cove.”

March 24: George W. Bush gets a little Haitian on him.

March 30: It’s never a bad time for some Icelandic pop.

April 5: Elmo vs. Schnauzer.

April 10: Pixels, baby.

April 14: If no one will help you learn about the multiple methods of birth control, then don’t have sex like Bristol Palin did.

April 20: Alex Jones kills an iPad.

May 6: Flash Mob! (above)

May 19: George (a very special Seinfeld)

June 2: Little Jonathan hears his first words.

June 9: Behold the dancing boxer.

June 13: It’s good to have friends.

June 16: Someone call the Dutch!

June 17: Brazil Samba Baby! (above)

June 21: Sam Seder calls BS on banning gay men from giving blood.

June 23: The cuteness. It burns.

June 24: Monty Python presents The Philosophy World Cup.

June 30: She’s AZ Congressional candidate, Pamela Gorman. Vote for her or die in a hail of gunfire.

July 1: The Vuvuzella, an instrument even a dog can hate.

July 5: My dogs could do this. They just don’t want to.

July 10: Transformer Owl.

July 14: Christopher Walken channels Lady Gaga

July 20: Paperboy - The Movie.

July 27: Mega Shark!!!!

August 10: Run, Dudley, Run!

August 15: A diving Corgi (above)

August 31:
Keeping up with Corgis

Sept. 3: A pug. A toilet. Hilarity.

Sept. 15: Nap time.

Sept. 21: Protect your fish.

Oct. 1: Octopus can be awesome.

Oct. 5: A Bea on her Back.

Oct. 17: Just golden.


Jan. 9: Samba Bill in Rio

Jan. 14: Viva Italia!

Jan. 15: All tied up with Emilia.

Jan. 16: Max disapproves.

Jan. 18: Exploring the Amazon.

Jan. 21: All tuckered out in Rio de Janeiro.

Jan. 21: Hats off to Cindy McCain.

Jan. 24: IPhone? Roger.

Jan. 25: Big Ben still rules.

Jan. 27: So, you going to post something today or what?

Jan. 29: Duchess and her life partner.


Feb. 3: An overload of cuteness.

Feb. 5: Punctuation matters.

Feb. 8: End DADT

Feb. 10: WTF Wednesday

Feb: 11: A Home-scholing revolt.

Feb. 15: Afonso & Duchess are still happy.

Feb. 18: Strive toward the weekend.

Feb. 23: Keep swinging.

Feb. 28: Josh Christ!

Feb. 28: Happy Birthday to Gilbert Gottfried.

March 1: A room full of Australian Shepherds.

March 3: Another WTF Wednesday.

March 4: Down for the count.

March 6: Capitalism defined - Lost iPod Edition.

March 9: No one expects Dr. Zoidberg.

March 10: Addiction is never pretty.

March 12: Mad Men Action figures.

March 16: Jesus leases.

March 17: WTF Wednesday

March 18: You, in the center, keep quiet.


March 19: Anteaters got it going on.

March 22: Repent. It’s fun.

March 23: Remember, George W. Bush ate live kittens.


March 26: Doh!

March 29: You against the world.

April 26: Batman on an Elephant? You lose Joker.

April 27: Simpsons stand behind South Park.

April 29: They still aren’t over it.

May 3: Cheers!

May 4: There’s one in every crowd

May 5: Happy Hump Day!

May 10: A surprise in every box.

May 11: Just kitten’.

May 17: Just don’t blink.

May 24: A smiling Dolores.

May 31: Mission accomplished for British Petroleum.

June 6: Taxes. What are they good for, anyway?

June 14: Barack Obama enjoys Englands’ pain.

June 29: Why England’s goal didn’t count.

July 7: Duck (above)

July 23: Kill all Humans!!!

July 30: It’s hot, dog.

Sept. 2:
Muslim Porn.

Sept. 13: Upside-down Boston Terriers for everyone!

Oct. 8: Brazilians sure love their pugs.

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  • Details: Love never dies. Ok, everything dies. But this is still sweet.

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