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Some thoughts:

One reason why I struggle to take Matt Taibbi seriously as a “journalist”? Aside from how easily he was duped into believing how Naked Short Sellers destroyed the U.S. economy? This post: “A Guide to Sports Wives.

“Your average millionaire jock meets, on a regular basis, the kind of females most of us see only once or twice in our entire lives, including the Woman Who Deems Life with Less Than 600 Pairs of Shoes a Cruel Impossibility, the Woman Who Sits Languidly on the Edge of a Bar Stool Carrying Eight Different Strains of Chlamydia, and Tara Reid. If he’s lucky enough to get past these gorgons unscathed, he typically just moves on to the usual variety of superficially acceptable marriage choices. “

The column was originally published at Men’s Journal, which pulled the sexist drivel from its Web site. While Taibbi is a colorful writer, his reporting and out-of-control sexism makes him a must non-read for me.

GOP Birch Society

Seems the first GOP debate featured pre-debate sponsorship from both Oathkeepers and the John Birch Society, two incredibly nasty, racist groups. As Digby said:

“I suppose it’s hard these days to hold any kind of GOP event without crackpots. Crackpots are the GOP. But the John Birch Society and the Oathkeepers as sponsors? Good lord. Why don’t they just invite the Klan and get it over with?”

Mais ou Minas: Alex Jones already working hard to profit from bin Laden’s death the way he made money from the blood spilled on 9/11. … Now that is one big cigar. … While some noise is being made, don’t worry - insanely profitable Oil companies will get billions of your tax dollars. Again. … No surprise here: Dems can’t carry GOP jock when it comes to ideological rigidity.



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