Catholicism must be banned and Pope put to death for anti-free-speech speech

January 15, 2015

The recent attacks on Charlie Hebdo have made one thing extremely clear - the right of free speech is one that should never be infringed upon. The heinous murders of journalists and satirists have woken up the world and forced us all to accept that we must fight for everyone’s right to speak freely.

This is why I am so disappointed in the recent reaction from Pope Francis.

“One cannot make fun of faith, said Francis, the leader of a small religion known mostly for murdering people in the 1200s and molesting children all the time afterward.

Francis’ statements not only destroy the memory of those murdered by radical jihadists, they also set humanity back to a time when we all hid under rocks, fearful of a death god who would disembowel us all. As a society, we must strive for better.

This is why the Catholic Church must be banned and the Pope must be arrested. Spreading anti-free-speech speech is not just dangerous, it’s totally unacceptable. It is time for anonymous followers of freespeachism to shut down Catholicism and the Pope for good.

Radical Islam threatens all of us. It is the belief that freedom is a sin and that all must bow to gods and prophets and cats are dogs and who knows what else. If we let the jihadists have their way, free speech would be gone forever. And Pope Francis is on their side.

We must always respect the right of free speech. We must defeat the jihadists that would enslave us all. This is why Pope Francis must be arrested and put to death for his irresponsible and hate-filled words. Because, while I may not agree with what you say, I will fight to the death to get you to stop saying bad things about free speech.



How to tell a real attack on free speech

January 8, 2015

Not an attack on free speech:


An attack on free speech:

Know the difference.



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