Scoop Jackson: Proof ESPN will hire anyone if they act hip enough

I hate to sound like the aging sportswriter that I am, but for the love of dog, are the Scoop Jacksons and Bill Simmons of the world really the future of the medium? Both can be somewhat entertaining, but Simmons and his 76,000-word narcissistic spewings, and Jackson’s hipper-than-thou nonsense get real annoying, real quick in my book.

Jackson’s effort today, a hysterical grouping of words regarding the Phoenix Suns starting the season 2-5, is a true monument to one-sentence paragraphs. Here are some actual paragraphs.

It seems like Jekyll and Hyde, the Britney and K-Fed, for the Phoenix Suns from last year to this year … damn.


Then this.

So, what is wrong?

No pride.

Or am I reaching?

Or pride.

Maybe it’s just me. Perhaps I’ve become a creative curmudgeon. Personally, however, I can only think of one reason why ESPN highlights crap like this on a consistent basis.

No pride.

UPDATE: Appears ESPN hired another long-winded, one-sentence paragraph lover.


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  1. Brasil Football (private post) Says:

    It is all so
    to have illiterate sports writers … At least they should have editors who check the first paragraph of their 1am weekend edition lead stories.

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