The New U.S. No-Fly list: No, we aren’t becoming Nazis - they weren’t checking everyone who wanted to leave

Many liberal blogs are up in arms about the new U.S. law, which will come into play in January, making it mandatory for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to review every U.S. passenger who will be taking an international flight. Basically, you need the State’s permission to leave the country in the U.S. now.

And while blogs like Crooks and Liars’ ““Vy Vould You Vish To Leave Ze Fatherland?” complain about this trampling on civil liberties, they go a step too far when they start comparing the U.S. to Nazi Germany.

You see, the Nazis basically let people come and go:

From “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:”

“Nazi Germany permitted all but a few thousand of its citizens who were in the black book of the secret police to travel abroad … Nazi rulers did not seem to be worried that the average German would be contaminated by anti-Nazism if he visited the democratic countries.”

So see, sure they had a no-fly list, but it’s not like they had to check EVERYBODY before they got on airplanes, like the U.S. is going to do.

So please, enough with hysterics. The Nazis weren’t THAT bad.


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