Bush: The U.S. can’t return to isolationism - you know, like we were in 1940

Showing once again that when he says “We must work together,” what he really means is “Screw you, hippies,” President George Bush today continued on his attacks of Democrats who seem to object to the Bush Doctrine of endless, badly fought wars:

“We hear voices calling for us to retreat from the world and close our doors to its opportunities,” he said in a speech at the National University of Singapore. “These are the old temptations of isolationism and protectionism, and America must reject them,” said Bush in Singapore.

Because, hey, who doesn’t look back fondly to the Pre-World War II days, some 65 years ago, when U.S. Republicans were firm isolationsists. Since then, the U.S. has really just been minding its own business with the occasional imperialist action in Iraq, Iraq again, Korea, Colombia, Vietnam, Cuba, Bosnia, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, Haiti, Rwanda, and a few dozen other nations we entered militarily for varying purposes and goals.

But don’t think for a second we’re going to go back to the way things were some seven decades ago. And don’t even get started on going back to Prohibition, either. Or the Whig Party.


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