Nukes for everyone! U.S. decides nuclear proliferation is the wave of the future

The Administration really is taking the “Right to bear arms” thing seriously. They’re letting Iran and North Korea get nukes. They publish nuke secrets on the Internet. Now, they give the stuff to India.

It’s the “If-everyone-has-a-gun-no-one-will-get-hurt” philosophy in action.

We just have to deal with the fact that every now and again, some kids will go nuts and shoot up the joint. With nuclear weapons.

From The Nation:

For decades, the official policy of the United States has been to discourage nuclear proliferation, particularly in southern Asia.

But the U.S. Senate now says: No more.

At the prodding of the Bush administration, the Senate voted 85-12 to allow the U.S. to ship nuclear fuel and technology to India as part of an initiative to encourage the expansion of nuclear programs in that country. At a time when the Bush administration is suggesting the U.S. might need to go to war to block nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea, the Senate has given its stamp of approval to proliferation in one of the most volatile regions of the world.

Yeah. This is all going to work out really well.


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