Nancy Pelosi kicks things off with some ethical lying

In a rah-rah blog at The Huffington Post, New Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi jotted down some words of positivity, leading with getting the hell out of the Iraqi death and money pit:

“I told my colleagues yesterday that the biggest ethical issue facing our country for the past three and a half years is the war in Iraq,” wrote Pelosi.

And while such words are pleasant, a final point she made showed that Pelosi is a politician who will gladly say whatever it takes.

“The new Democratic Congress will live up to the highest ethical standard,” Pelosi wrote.

While a change was mandatory, and while the GOP was selling off the entire nation piece by piece to friends and supporters, let’s not lose our minds. Democrats are politicians. There will be no great ethical changes. Ask pork king Jack Murtha about his ethical standards. Just because he knows when a war is a piece of shit doesn’t mean he’s some shining ray of ethical light.

They’re politicians, folks. Pelosi and the lot of them wouldn’t know proper ethical standards if they stuffed $20 billion in earmarks down their shorts. The fact that they’re currently perceived as more ethical than Republicans doesn’t make them any less of crooks.


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