Andrew Joseph Stack is NOT like an Al Qaeda terrorist!

February 19, 2010 by  

Recently, the name of a great American has been dragged through the mud. I speak of 53-year-old Andrew Joseph Stack, a man who loved his country so much, that he martyred himself to avoid paying taxes to it.

Now, however, reactionary liberals have tried to defame Stack by comparing his actions to the actions of the 9/11 Islamic homicide terrorists. These vermin-like liberals should be hunted down and hung for saying such things about Mr. Stack.

Islamic terrorists are the greatest threat to mankind in the history of the planet. These evil bastards take their perverted beliefs and use it to commit violence against even their own people. They are blood-thirsty cowards that must be destroyed.

Joe Stack, however, wrote up a manifesto, blew up his own home and flew a plane into an IRS building, killing himself and someone else. But these two died for a cause - for Taxes. Stack terrorized for a purpose. The man is a hero.

Those who wish to compare Mr. Stack to Godless Muslim heathens are insane. They must be taken from their homes and be converted to Christianity, using all force at our disposal to do it.

That these Satan-worshiping liberals would compare one man’s honorable belief of a life without taxes to the beliefs of dirty Muslims is a political ploy of horrifying proportions. These “liberals” better hope they aren’t in any flight patterns, if you know what I’m saying.



14 Responses to “Andrew Joseph Stack is NOT like an Al Qaeda terrorist!”

  1. dgun on February 19th, 2010 12:24 pm

    He sure taught the government of these USA of ‘Mericas a lesson. I’ll bet they’ll think twice the next time they try to charge someone taxes. Sonsabitches.

  2. hugh.c.mcbride on February 19th, 2010 12:50 pm

    Say what you will ’bout the right wingers (seriously, say *anything* you want about the right wingers … I’ll wait), but I have to give them credit for continuing to win the language wars, at least where political discourse is concerned.

    * They successfully turned “liberal” into a slur.

    * They’ve convinced a broad swath of the nation that “torture” ain’t such a bad word after all.

    * They own the word “patriot” (even when smearing the term when applying it to PATRIOT ACT or when using it to advocate secession or the overthrow of the federal government).

    * They’ve twisted the definition of “terrorism” (you know, that amorphous menace against which we’ve been engaged in a global war on for the past decade) so that a guy who fails to ignite his undies is a TERRORIST! TERRORIST!! TERRORIST!!! while a guy who flies a plane directly into a federal building is just “frustrated.

    As an espresso-swillin’, sushi-eatin’, college edumacated liberal, do I remain amazed at the way we allow the right to not only define the terms of the debate, but actually re-define the words that are used during that debate? You betcha! [wink!]

  3. Michele on February 19th, 2010 1:42 pm

    You are one sick puppy! Praising and holding up an idiot who killed himself and someone else as a hero is pure madness. What right did this psychotic sicko have to commit murder?? He is just as bad if not worse than Al Queda for killing his own fellow citizen. Grow up, get a life and get into the real world…or move to Yemen, Afghanistan, etc., where your kind would be welcome. You are NOT an American citizen if you hold this asshole up as a hero!!

  4. Michele on February 19th, 2010 1:52 pm

    LOL!!! I just read that you live in Brazil!!! How DARE you say anything about what goes on in the USA when you can’t even live here as a citizen. What a moron! As for your so-called Christianity, suicide is a SIN, you freak! BTW, I am reporting you and this website to every intelligence agency and law enforcement agency in the United States…you know, that place where you choose not to live. You are probably the NEXT Stack and Lord knows, we need you stopped before you do harm.

  5. hugh.c.mcbride on February 19th, 2010 2:15 pm

    Glenn Greenwald (via Andrew Sullivan):

    “All of this underscores, yet again, that Terrorism is simultaneously the single most meaningless and most manipulated word in the American political lexicon. The term now has virtually nothing to do with the act itself and everything to do with the identity of the actor, especially his or her religious identity.”

  6. hugh.c.mcbride on February 19th, 2010 6:14 pm

    “I am reporting you and this website to every intelligence agency and law enforcement agency in the United States”

    For what it’s worth, WKW, last week I reported you & this website to every fire department & dance studio in the United States.

    Next week, I’m gonna report you & this website to every animal shelter & shopping mall security office west of the Mississippi.

    Cuz you can never be too careful.

  7. sherriwilson on February 19th, 2010 6:34 pm

    I am not sure why you didn’t mention this, but Stack couldn’t have been a terrorist. He was way too pale.

  8. dgun on February 19th, 2010 7:02 pm

    I report Bill to various agencies at least a couple of times a month also, Hugh. (I doubt the guy from the Alabama Farmers Market Authority will show, however. You know how State bureaucrats are. )

    I also mail Wolfrum’s posts to Joseph McCarthy’s cemetery. One day I’m going to visit Joe’s tombstone and see if they have piled my mail on top of him. Think of the satirical joy I could get from reading ‘America cannot afford another American President’ aloud to the corpse of Joseph McCarthy. Oh what fun!

    Speaking of satire, I hope Michele was not serious about reporting Bill to intelligence agencies. I know for a fact that the CIA doesn’t get satire. They take everything very literally. You know, the way Bill and Hugh interpret the Bible.

    Me? What does ‘thou shalt not’ really mean? I mean, where is God going with this?

  9. L Russell on February 20th, 2010 10:46 pm

    The dude was my friends next door neighbor. He need coping skills/ mechanisms, which he obviously didn’t have. Get a grip, but don’t take innoncent lives down with you.

  10. Xracer on February 21st, 2010 3:20 pm

    I love this country !

    Our bound to freedom in all forms is so great that we allow vermin like you my friend to speak your mind :-) sorry, just my opinion

    Yes, AJS3 was a terrorist - just not as effective as the other vermin that attacked the WTC — you of course will continue to abuse your rights and privileges and try to convince Vernon Hunter’s widow and their 6 children of the contrary - her husband and father was killed in the line of duty fighting a threat fed by scum like you my friend, keep going…

  11. The U.S. must racially profile old white guys that hate taxes « Equal Rights For All « William K. Wolfrum Chronicles on February 22nd, 2010 4:07 am

    [...] is why we must learn from terrorists like Andrew Joseph Stack. We must not allow these type of people to again get through our guard. I speak of aging white guys [...]

  12. dgun on February 22nd, 2010 5:27 pm

    How do people not get satire?

    Has our political discourse devolved to the point where even when someone goes out of their way to be ultra absurd for the sake of arguing the opposite case, that people can’t distinguish this from a straight forward serious opinion?

    Hmm, I wonder what Glenn Beck would have to say about all of this?

    (Or do people just read headlines?)

  13. ice9 on February 23rd, 2010 4:19 pm

    Waterboard Jihada Stack

    Andrew Joseph Stack III committed an act of terrorism in Austin, Texas last week. According to prominent legislators like Former Vice President Dick Cheney, former White House advisers Jay Bybee and John Yoo, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, and former White House speechwriter Mark Thiessen, the law is clear. Enhanced interrogation techniques—called ‘torture’ by some—are morally, legally, and tactically appropriate in this case. America is in danger; we must not shirk.
    The goals to such inquiries should include, but be not limited to, the scattering of Mr. Stack’s terrorist comrades, the confounding of his other plots and plans, and the frustration of terrorist funding networks. No one who associated with Mr. Stack and who may have useful information in the prosecution of crimes against the United States can be above suspicion. Mr. Stack is dead but his threats live on; the intelligence we need to thwart these cowardly attacks also lives on in the person of his associates and connections, including his teenage daughter.
    Her name is Jihada Stack, age 16. She has no record of proven terrorist activity or open sedition against the state of Texas, but her father murdered innocent people, Federal employees going about their legally constituted business for the good of our fellow citizens. Such bloodthirsty terroristic behavior is not unfamiliar to the authorities of the United States. We know that such plots are seldom the work of ‘lone wolves’ or disgruntled individuals. Mr. Stack’s connections to other plots and international terrorist organizations must be explored. Bombs tick. No compromise should be considered; the reputations of politicians have been destroyed over less. Standard methods of inquiry, such as the gathering of evidence or voluntary interviews with law enforcement, are insufficient to meet the grave threat presented by terrorists, who refuse to conform to the agreed-upon limits and conditions of normal criminal behavior. We know that Mr. Stack began reading literature critical of US government policy and agencies in high school. He visited websites that now must be considered subversive because of his subsequent behavior. He issued threats to American institutions and criticized American political figures, often by name. Though born in America, he turned against his native land in a gruesome and costly attack upon symbolic targets. Special measures are required.
    The community might be expected to view Miss Stack’s vigorous interrogation with dismay. They might assert that Jihada isn’t a terrorist, or that she knows nothing of her father’s activities, or even that her name is not Jihada at all but Samantha. They might claim that her endorsement of her father’s extreme views was an emotional response to her father’s martyrdom. Those claims must be held as irrelevant in times of war when realities are secondary to duty.
    This interrogation may have a political cost for the Obama administration’s support in Texas. Enhanced interrogation measures are legal and effective and are a great American tradition established in 2002, so any passing political concern should be considered secondary to the necessity of upholding the rule of law and keeping Texas safe from further violent outrage. Some critics have advanced the theory that Texans might become more resistant to the moral and political authority of the US Government if they learned that a white Honor Roll student and cheerleader at an Austin Christian school had been subjected to prolonged stressful interrogation in a freezing, cockroach-infested cage. But research has shown these fears to be unfounded; in fact most Texans have expressed strong support for enhanced interrogation applied to detainees who have not been charged with a crime. Over 50% of Texans reacted favorably when shown photographs of terrorist detainees shackled face-down in pools of their own waste. Nearly 90% of Texans agreed that the top secret information gathered from unnamed detainees under interrogation at undisclosed locations had saved the lives of uncounted Americans. Such a clear vision of the American moral imperative will not be deterred by tawdry political concerns.
    We must also consider the reputation of Texas. It is a state unfairly burdened with violence and crime, long compelled to apply the death penalty in greater proportion than any other state. Criminologists have often wondered how much higher the crime rate would be without the powerful deterrent effect of capital punishment. Texas has also struggled with a high rate of illegal immigration and the attendant difficulty of differentiating among undocumented workers, drug-runners, and terrorists. The state has been unfairly criticized for the execution of an innocent man. But why? Texas is an innovator in criminal justice. The current coherent and effective national immigration policy owes a great debt to the sober and innovative measures first applied in Texas. It is unfortunate that this troubling terrorist event took place in Texas; at the same time it is fortunate because no state has greater experience with complex matters of law and justice, and no collection of citizens has a better reputation for patience, probity, and good civic sense.
    Therefore we believe that the interrogation of Miss Stack should commence immediately in the appropriate venues, where such inquiries can be supported by the ideal combinations of expertise, vermin, and equipment. It is also best that the interrogation be held in places unhindered by the kind of sordid legal maneuvering and ploys that endanger the Bill of Rights, places such as Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, or the sub-basement of the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC.
    Unfortunately, Miss Stack may have already been persuaded of the existence of certain constitutional protections, which will likely reduce her willingness to cooperate with authorities to tell what she knows. Many of the more liberal American schools now openly include in their curriculum details of how accused persons can circumvent the Constitution by demanding various rights and freedoms. It is an established truth that the Miranda warning instantly renders terrorists worthless for intelligence gathering. The disconnection between American security and its so-called liberties offers an attractive loophole to those fanatics who will hurt America at any cost, even the cost of their own lives. But we must not hesitate to try.
    Some have argued that prosecution under the normal criminal codes and procedures is sufficient to meet the terrorist threat. The absurdity of this position is borne out by the results of several prosecutions in which avowed terrorists were sentenced merely to life in prison without any provision for painful interrogation, psychological abuse, or hopelessness. Indeed, these ‘convicts’ now are still free to conspire against the US during their daily exercise hour. Furthermore, the American criminal justice system makes no provision for the punishment of innocent people, so when required those measures must be undertaken surreptitiously, which unfairly degrades the character of the rule of law and of those who must enforce it.
    The Executive Branch has established legal precedents for this case. Immediate relatives of terrorists have been detained. Men who fly airplanes into buildings with the clear intention of causing maximum death and destruction have been denied due process some of the time. Protections hinted at by the Constitution or the Geneva Conventions have been withheld from many terrorist enemies as part of the legal consequences of being accused of breaking American law. We have detained family members of terror suspects with casual regularity, though out of a regard for human dignity we have not yet crushed the testicles of any detainee’s son. We have detained without counsel, due process, and trial many people at or under the age of 16. We have detained many women. We have detained and interrogated pets and even the local wildlife. The process is legal.
    Since we believe in the rule of law, we are open about the measures that we employ. We have no compunction over revealing precisely what interrogation measures should be applied in this case.
    Jihada Stack should first be softened up with repeated slamming into walls. She should be prevented from using the toilet and made to wear filthy, urine-soaked clothing. She should be menaced with dogs or any other animal that is determined to cause her fear and loathing. She should be stripped naked and handcuffed to the lower bars of her cell door, forcing her into a bent stress position for hours or even days, while young American servicemen pass by and examine her, make comments, and perhaps prod at her with sticks. Think of the benefit to our servicemen! It is a positive, affirming experience for young men to see the rule of law applied equally to swarthy Mohamedans and to nubile young white girls with a delicate spray of freckles across their gently swelling hips.

    Next, Jihada should suffer exposure to extreme cold and heat over days and even weeks, and be deprived of sleep during that time. All the while her interrogators should be hounding her with questions about her father’s associates, his political opinions, and whether he ever said critical things about the United States, the IRS, Barack Obama, or the Dallas Stars. She should be confronted suddenly with public discussion of her innermost secrets, including that text message she sent to Taylor last October. This will convince her of her captors’ godlike control over every aspect of her pathetic life. Next, Jihada should be placed in sensory deprivation gear for days or weeks until she begins to show signs of disassociative mental illness, catatonia, and delirium, though research has shown that veterans of the American public school system are very resistant to this tactic.
    It is at this point that terrorists usually become grateful to their captors. There are many reasons for this attitude, but psychosis or Stockholm Syndrome are unlikely because they are seldom associated by Dartmouth graduates with the terrorist mindset. Typically the change arises because of terrorists’ well-known devotion to secret tenets of Islam that require them to be mentally and physically shattered before they can renounce and cooperate. Also, we expect them to be very impressed by the benefits of American freedoms they see firsthand while buried in secret overseas CIA prisons.
    This alteration should be evident in Jihada fairly quickly because she is an American teenager who has only recently learned that she is a terrorist. She is mainly used to the comfort of an upper-middle-class right-wing nonHispanic Texas lifestyle, going to the mall and church and school and so forth, rather than having electrodes attached to her genitals. The valuable information Jihada possesses will mainly be subconscious, so her cooperation should not be accepted at face value and it is best that she be subjected to waterboarding after or during the sleep deprivation phase, just to be sure. Given the recent positive attention waterboarding has gained for enhanced interrogation programs, it is sure to be on the menu regardless of its efficacy.
    Jihada can in fact help her country. The United States is rapidly gaining rank among the world’s best interrogation enhancers, to the point that the US can expect to win its first ever medals in the upcoming World Championships, considered the premier tuneup to the Olympics scheduled for 2012. But international glory does not come from loyalty to the rulebooks written by the Chinese, the Cambodians, and the Spanish Inquisition. American interrogators must learn to improvise, to innovate, and Jihada Stack may offer the perfect chance to evolve new tactics to bring gold in Naypyidaw.
    New interrogation methods are being enhanced every day. Private security firms have proposed starving Jihada then offering her religiously proscribed foods, such as carbohydrates. Exposure to constant low-level sounds has caused some terrorists to crack, so Jihada will be taunted with tape loops of popular cellphone ringtones. The DIA has been experimenting with displays of Facebook pages being updated just out of reach.
    Again, it is important in a democracy for all to understand the challenge we face and the steps we must take to meet it. The facts of this case are unpleasant, and the measures we are compelled to use are grim. Enhanced interrogation—even if it is called torture by some—is not just appealing as a political issue. It is effective. Austin cannot bear another assault on its dignity. What next? An atheist display snuck amongst the nativity scenes at the State Capitol? Widespread urban art featuring the visage of Todd Willingham? The cost is high; Jihada Stack is a beautiful young woman with an only slightly tainted future. But American values are under assault. We must not shirk. Waterboard Jihada Stack!

  14. Rick on June 3rd, 2010 7:10 am

    Actaully since the constitution was severely whittled down when Lincoln took office and now obama is working on finishing it off and subverting it in any way possible and the bill of rights is in his cross hairs as soon as he can figure out a “man made disaster” big enough to implement martial law he will do it. Martial law under obama will never be lifted. Yes this is madness and it is exactly what the founding fathers warned us about and admonished us to overthrow. Anyone working for an enforcement branch of this government which is no longer of the people is not an innocent person and are subject to suffer as required for their loyalty to obama and socialism which is running rampant in washington dc. Federal agencies put child care centers in their buildings for the sole reason of insuring innocent lives are lost during attacks. The federal government has a long history of attacking and killing it’s civilians from 145 years ago. I cannot fathom why anyone would find it offensive when civilians attack back. The U.S. I grew up in is long gone. Its time to begin thinking serious strategy for how you are going to survive, especially those of us who have been officially awarded the label of potential domestic terrorists. You go to church, have a gun, believe in prolife, states rights, etc, you can bet your soon to be dead butt that you are in fact among the first people the UN troops training on US soil for house to house searches will be sought out and shot. These troops are required to sign an oath stating that they have no problem shooting US citizens who give them any problem.

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