The U.S. must racially profile old white guys that hate taxes

February 22, 2010 by  

My friends, we live in a dangerous time of social and cultural revolution. And those revolutions have turned political, meaning the very fate of the United States is in the balance.

That is why we must learn from terrorists like Andrew Joseph Stack. We must not allow these type of people to again get through our guard. I speak of aging white guys who hate taxes. They will take us all down in a blood-splattered massacre and have us kneeling to the West praying to their God if they could.

And that is the truly frightening part - they have enormous numbers. You can’t swing a stunned ferret without smacking one of them. They’re easy to spot - they are white, with no discernible ethnicity aside from color. They are pissed off. Constantly. They are not young.

Look around. There are probably a couple near you as you read this very sentence. Don’t stare.

While the United States has the world’s largest military by far and could pulverize the world right now if it was how we rolled, it is not without its weaknesses. A nation as large and diverse as the United States is not able to be defended from threats inside and out. Which is why we must start being wiser.

Because while the U.S. is on the lookout for every Muhammad, Ahmed and Hamid, it is truly every Tom Dick, and in this case, Joe that we have to fear.

Think about it - not only did Stack manage to get a plane and the ability to fly it into buildings, he did so without landing on anyone’s radar. It was a security breakdown of Apocalyptic proportions.

This is why I believe that aging white guys pissed off about their taxes have become the most dangerous sector of society. It is time we take notice.

The U.S. government must start racially profiling these angry white men before we lose everything. To ignore this truth is to make the Constitution a suicide pack.

The Founding Fathers didn’t create the great experiment known as the United States of America just so some angry white guys who hate paying taxes could screw it all up. This is a fight for survival. It’s time to take the fight to them.



One Response to “The U.S. must racially profile old white guys that hate taxes”

  1. dgun on February 22nd, 2010 1:07 pm

    Old white men have been trying to destroy this country for years. Enough already.

    And don’t try to hide behind your various constitutional principals and civil liberties. That’s not going to work.

    These old white men who don’t pay taxes constitute a unique group not covered by ‘due process’, the Geneva convention, or other such nonsense. I call them ‘enemy combatants’, a never before used original term I just now dreamed up.

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