Humanoid extraterrestrials are living amongst us! (except, they aren’t)

April 27, 2010 by  

Over at the American Chronicle, they’ve made a discovery of galactic proportions - they have discovered that space aliens live amongst us!

From the American Chronicle:

According to accounts released Saturday, April 24, 2010, by the coordinator of an e-mail news and information service, officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and other U.S. government agencies have been involved in security activities involving human-appearing extraterrestrial beings in the U.S.

Victor Martinez, the e-mail information coordinator, is a former federal employee with an interest in space, defense and current affairs. Recipients of his e-mail news items include a wide variety of people interested in emerging and leading-edge scientific and other developments.

So, what should normal Americans do now that there’s been a story published that humanoid ETs are roaming the landscape? Absolutely nothing. The story is what we in the business like to call “ET BS.”

Find more on the untrue story at Joint Recon Study Group. While I don’t mean to disrespect the authors, let me re-iterate - it’s just not true. My proof? These stories are never true. They rely on shady, possibly invented sources, and they never include any type of scientific backing.

So sorry folks, with the possible exception of Orly Taitz, there are no ETs walking amongst us.



2 Responses to “Humanoid extraterrestrials are living amongst us! (except, they aren’t)”

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  2. dgun on April 27th, 2010 10:44 am

    Bigfoot and I were just discussing aliens at the café this morning. He did that light hearted chuckle he is famous for, slapped me on the back, and said ‘Aliens! That’s a good one’. Then the bastard ran off and stuck me with the check. He never offers to pay! The least he could do is leave a tip for Christ’s sake. “Oh, sorry dgun, I don’t have pants so I left my wallet at home”. How many times is he going to use that? “If only I were a marsupial”. Whatever you hairy cheapskate. It wasn’t funny the first 5 times you said it either.

    Anyway, he does kind of go easy on me on the golf course. Scratch golfer, that bigfoot.

    What was my point? Oh yeah, bigfoot does not believe in aliens, but his ancestors came over on Noah’s Ark, so …

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