Floyd Mayweather, Jr.: Ray Rice without the video

April 15, 2015

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. beats women. And we all support him in that pursuit.

Despite his efforts to deny being a woman beater, Mayweather has had multiple convictions for domestic abuse, including spending time behind bars for beating then-girlfriend Josie Harris.

“I’m black. I’m rich. And I’m outspoken. Those are three strikes right there,” Mayweather told Katie Couric, recently, obviously forgetting the three times judges have declared him guilty of beating women.

Mayweather’s excuses are truly extraneous, however, because the public as a whole doesn’t seem to much care about athletes or entertainers who beat women, unless there is video and/or photos. At least so far, Mayweather has managed to avoid leaving behind too much evidence. As Harris put it:

“Did he beat me to a pulp? No, but I had bruises on my body and contusions and [a] concussion because the hits were to the back of my head. I believe it was planned to do that … because the bruises don’t show …”

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is Ray Rice without the damning video.

But maybe even video wouldn’t matter when it comes to Floyd. Maybe we all have just accepted he beats women, and moved past that. As Iron Mike Gallego wrote at Deadspin:

“Floyd Mayweather is a misogynist. And not just a misogynist, but a batterer, and a serial batterer at that. This is a statement of fact that you will rarely see or hear from the professional boxing media, many of whom remain hopelessly dependent on the reigning box office king’s goodwill for access.”

Boxing writers and sportswriters in general are so quick to forgive Mayweather’s sins, that they rarely even bring them up in the first place.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is War Machine with a better publicist.

Mayweather will soon fight Manny Pacquiao, and make nearly all the money there is to make in the world. Americans will line up to pay $100 to see the fight on Pay-Per-View. And Mayweather will very likely win, setting up at least one more big money fight that we will all eagerly buy.

Because this is now far beyond Mayweather and boxing writers. We are now all pro-domestic abuse when it comes to him.

When the fighting is done, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. finally murders a woman, we will all be complicit. Because entertaining ourselves mattered more than abused women.


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