Con Air. OMG Con Air

January 14, 2009

Ok, why didn’t anyone demand that I watch Con-Air? I finally stumbled across it last night, and not only did it change my opinions of John Malkovich, Jon Cusack, Steve Buscemi, and the rest of the cast, but it also helped lower my opinion on humanity. My opinion on Nicolas Cage, however, remains exactly the same.

It was so bad, it was actually pretty good; Was that what they were after? If so, bravo. But I just can’t shake the idea that the script was written by one monkey at one typewriter (the other 999 monkeys were on a coffee break, I’d imagine.)

An amazing cast, a terrible movie. Just what the doctor ordered following a 30-hour travel adventure from Los Angeles to Brazil. But seriously, folks, you have to work with me here. As a bad-film aficionado, there just is no excuse for me to go 12 years without seeing a movie like this. Let me know if there are any other classically horrible movies I’ve overlooked (and yes, I saw Madonna’s “Swept Away.” Tres Magnicrap.)


Red Dawn: We shall never forget

August 14, 2008

Less than a quarter-century ago, Americans of all persuasions would nervously gaze to the sky wondering if the end of the world was about to rain down on them. Nuclear holocaust always seemed moments away.

Of course, the Cold War ended and 9/11 happened, meaning Americans now were forced to gaze everywhere to try to catch a terrorist bent on destroying them.

But now the prodigal enemy has returned as Russia begins to flex its impressive geo-political muscles. But as the U.S. attempts a “Freeze or we’ll say Freeze again” diplomatic tactic, the general public - perhaps overloaded by the complexities of living in a post-9/11 world - seem unconcerned at the possibility of a new Cold War and the possibility of nuclear destruction.

As mere words and facts seem to make no dent in the psyche of the impervious, there is but one way to snap everyone back to a reality where nuclear devastation is always moments away - We must look back to 1984 and the film “Red Dawn*”

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