Ines Sainz is far too hot to be sexually harassed

September 14, 2010 by  

The NFL and its players have a reputation problem. It seems that every 10 minutes or so, an NFL player or former NFL player is being accused of assaulting a woman or worse. As problem’s go, it’s not a good one. But with the incredible popularity of the game, thus far things like rape and domestic abuse have barely made a dent in the game.

New York Jets reporter Ines Sainz has a reputation problem as well. She’s just too damned hot. She’s so hot, in fact, that any type of sexual harassment against her must be her fault. Combine a misogynistic landscape with a sexy woman and what do you expect, anyway?

The Jets and the NFL are currently investigating alleged incidents involving Sainz, particularly during locker room interviews following a game, along with other incidents.

For her part, Sainz, who covers the Jets for TV Azteca, says she has no plans for any type of lawsuit against the Jets or the NFL.

But this story has little to do with the NFL or the Jets. Mostly, it’s about Sainz. What business does she have being attractive, anyway? On the Early Show on CBS she was asked if she thought she dressed appropriately for the NFL.

“Each woman wants to be attractive,” Sainz said. “It’s my style. I never have any trouble like this.”

Coming from a culture where respect for women is even lower than in the U.S., Sainz has been both professional and unapologetic for the incident. At 32, and with a career of covering soccer, she is not one to be intimidated.

But while the Jets and NFL are doing their best to the right thing and Sainz is taking a “What’s the big deal?” approach, one wonders where the all the outrage has been? After all, this is a female reporter covering one of the Nation’s most popular teams in the nation’s most popular league. Shouldn’t someone stand for her?

The usual suspects – popular feminist blogs like Pandagon, Shakesville, Feministing, Feministe and BlogHer have thus far not broached the matter.

Echidne of the Snakes took it on, however, and hit the mark, as per usual:

The hidden implication is that anyone dressing in that manner should expect to be sexually harassed, that it’s only natural. Or as a comment to a newspaper story about another sexual harassment case some time ago stated: “If you advertise, don’t be surprised if people ask to buy.”

This is the traditional theme of women’s clothing speaking about their sexual availability, and it is still very much alive, as shown by the Daily Caller slide show. It is also very much alive among those Muslims who regard Western women as sexually available or slutty because of the way they dress.

Feminists worked hard and long to remove the but-see-what-she-wore excuse for rape. They also worked hard and long to let women themselves determine what they want to wear. The former goal has been partially achieved, the latter not so much, especially on a global level.

The blog Jezebel has also weighed in on the subject, as has Salon’s Broadsheet.

Outside the blogosphere, the national media reaction has been truly atrocious. The “she was asking for it by dressing that way” meme is traveling the networks at light speed. The narrative of the story has been set – Men are helpless to avoid sexually harassing an attractive woman. It’s Sainz’s fault for dressing like such a slut.

The story will probably be gone by week’s end, as the national media has already gotten to question Sainz on why she dresses like a slut. And outside of Deadspin (which linked to the Jezebel post) and Web sites that primarily focus on “Ines Sainz Bikini Pics!” it’s not too likely anyone else will be standing up for Sainz. She’s just too damned hot to defend.


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One Response to “Ines Sainz is far too hot to be sexually harassed”

  1. dgun on September 15th, 2010 6:18 pm

    She is rather hot. I can’t dispute that.

    However, I oppose sexual harassment. And do people still watch the NFL? Meh. I guess there are people who don’t have this:

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