The U.S.: Not isolationist now, not isolationist then, not isolationist ever

March 30, 2008

[The Democratic Party has] been effectively taken over by a small group on the left of the party that is protectionist, isolationist and basically will – and very, very hyperpartisan. So it pains me.

- Joe Lieberman, March 29, 2008

For an American to use the word “isolation” in any form when regarding U.S. foreign relations, it’s not just stupid, it’s a horrifying insult to the millions around the world that have lost their lives in one way or another to the U.S. military and U.S. policies. puts the number of people killed due to U.S. foreign policy since World War II at anywhere between more than 10 million to almost 17 million. And that hasn’t even counted the current Occupation of Iraq and most of the Afghanistan attack.

In 2001, Matthew White of the “Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century,” put the number killed in wars for the 20th century at 188 million with the U.S. more than playing its part in it all. And with a great hand from the U.S., there seems to be little that would make one think that number will be any smaller when historians count up the number of people killed by war in the 21st century.

There are three remaining candidates for who will be the next U.S. President. And John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are far from being isolationists. Because that’s the last thing the U.S. has ever been. And there isn’t enough optimism on the planet for one to think that will change in the next four-to-eight years, if not ever.

The U.S. is a warring nation. Period. When the United States Government wants something of another country or its own citizens, people die. And the entire world knows it.

It’s why Turkish journalist Elif Özmenek wrote that the U.S. should be put in the Guinness Book of World’s Records as the “Most Interventionist Nation in History.” And it’s why any American who tries to make an argument that the U.S. “can’t afford to be isolationist” should be immediately sent off to Iraq, or Afghanistan, or anywhere else where America is using its military might to get the change it desires. Or more perhaps more correctly put, to get the dollars it desires.

Here’s just a partial list of U.S. military involvements, from squashing internal strife, to overthrowing elected officials, to fighting in massive world conflicts, from Wounded Knee to Fallujah:

The United States is Not Isolationist
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Be a bone marrow donor, it’s an easy way to save a life

March 28, 2008

My Mom woke up the other night at 3 a.m. Which meant my Dad was awoken by her at 3:15 a.m. She was worried about the upcoming bone marrow drive. Would we have enough seats? Were we prepared? Was everything going to run smoothly?

My Dad asked her why she was worrying about it when the only responsibility she was given for the drive was to be there. She was just worried, she said, and ended up falling back to sleep at around 4 a.m.

So it’s good to see my Mom is really back to her old self. Because that’s what she does. She worries. To say she was a control freak would be just a slight understatement. But such is her way, and that she’s looking for things to control means she must be feeling well.

The Bone Marrow Donor Drive is tomorrow, and is sponsored by the National Marrow Donor Program. It’s been a moderate amount of work to put together at worst. It really hasn’t been a chore, especially because it was easy to get a place to host it - that place being the California Route 66 Museum.

We’re hoping to get a lot of people registered, but we’re being realistic. Whatever happens happens and won’t be due to a lack of effort. We got the word out for this event.

But I’ll be spending the rest of my life getting the word out that people need to get on the Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

Yesterday I spoke with Emru Townsend, who suffers from the same type of leukemia as my Mom but with a couple bonus ailments, and he said something that really hit home.

“Were you like me when you found out about this?” he asked. “Were you just wondering why everybody hasn’t signed up to be a donor?”

And it’s true. It requires very little. While there is a normal fee of $52 for tissue typing, that fee can usually be worked around. By working with the National Marrow Donor Program, I got our fee knocked down to $20. Plus minorities are free. Plus if you don’t have $20 to spare, you can still sign up.

To get on the registry requires just a painless swab from the inner cheek. To be a donor requires a minor procedure that is akin to getting a cavity filled. Assuming the cavity was located in your lower back, of course. There are potential complications. But there are potential complications in crossing the street, and lots of people seem willing to do that every day.

So hopefully tomorrow will be a glorious day where hundreds of people register and my Mom’s perfect match will be found. But even if not, the word is getting out a little more and there will be a few more people on the registry.

There are thousands of people looking for the perfect match so they can receive a bone marrow transplant to live. My Mom is just one of those people, as is Emru Townsend. But there are thousands out there, and your bone marrow may be what they need to live.

So please, wherever you are, join the bone marrow donor registry. You may give someone the gift of life. And pass the word along. Thanks.


The Politico - now a trusted Yahoo News source

March 27, 2008

It wasn’t that long ago that The Politico came on the scene, bolstered by roughly 75,000 links from Matt Drudge. They were a right-wing site, and everybody knew it, regardless of how often they denied it.

While debuting with prominent beltway pundits, The Politico quickly set the tone for what they were all about - by “breaking” the story that John Edwards received a $400 haircut.

Nowadays, The Politico seems to have given up pretense and has embraced the fact that it’s a right-wing noise machine. Stories on yesterday’s front page at Politico?

- Urban issues get short shrift (“Despite two Democratic presidential candidates with urban interests, mayors and experts say too little attention paid to them.”)

- Taxes: Obamas prospered as he soared

- Indictment: Iraq paid for junket

- McCain: We can’t do whatever we want (“John McCain calls for more humility but a stay-the-course approach to Iraq war.”)

- Bush-haters won’t stop McCain (“In an ideas column, Brown contends president isn’t the albatross around McCain’s neck many people think.”)

- Racial problems transcend Wright (“Voting patterns show Obama’s uneven record on getting beyond race.”)

- McCain’s approach to foreign policy is a unique blend

- The Clinton myth: The backstory (“Her campaign rests on a game of make-believe.”)

So really, they can say they’re centrist, or non-partisan, or Independent, or Klingon, or whatever they like. But it’s a right-wing Drudgian machine at its heart. And now, Yahoo News prominently features stories from The Politico, with a front-page link to the hard-hitting story “Southern Dem warns party to avert disaster,” a 1,300-word epic about Tennessee governor Phil Bresden, who’s certain that the Obama-Clinton battle will be doom for Democrats.

So, while Conservatives scream in faux horror when Google won’t adorn their home page with some type of homage to Easter, they hopefully should feel more comfortable with Yahoo. Aside from agreeing with Reuters that brutality to women ranks as “odd,” Yahoo is partner with Fox News Business, and now finds that The Politico is a trusted news source.

So while Yahoo has shown it doesn’t want to be gobbled up by Microsoft, it doesn’t appear to mind promoting right-wing propagandists one bit.


Divided We Fail: An impotent plea of nothingness and a grand waste of time and money

March 26, 2008

Perhaps you’ve already seen a snazzy commercial for Divided We Fail, a “call to action” led by the AARP, Business Roundtable, SEIU, and NFIB. With the help of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) and the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), Divided We Fail put out this PSA showing celebrities being ordinary folk, while talking about their commitment to the non-partisan saving of the U.S. economy and healthcare system.

Starring Ben Affleck, Garth Brooks, Dakota Fanning, Morgan Freeman, Eva Mendes, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Piven and Reese Witherspoon, the PSA is basically a silly tribute to the phrase “why can’t we all just get along.”

“The entertainment industry’s leadership felt that we could make a major contribution to Divided We Fail,” said MPTF Foundation Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg. “Hollywood can call attention to these problems and help galvanize the public into taking action, which is a key first step in solving them.”

Now, far be it for me to insult any effort that claims at its core that all it wants is to make America better. But simply put, Divided We Fail is a stupid, naïve and impotent project. It’s quite easy to see why celebrities were so eager to get involved. It gives them a chance to look like serious, politically minded activists who truly care. But much like a great many of the actors that dominate the American entertainment landscape, it’s all sound and fury signifying nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Thus far, 244 members of Congress has signed Divided We Fail’s “pledge” or accepted their insipid and meaningless “platform”. I would imagine before it’s over, every last member of Congress will climb on board. There’s absolutely no downside to pledging to the platform, because at it’s heart, the platform is political empty calories.

What does Divided We Fail want? They want a better healthcare system and better long-term financial security for Americans. And they don’t want partisanship. That’s what the problem is, after all. They have no answers or even concepts of how to make these things happen, but that’s what they stand for. And they’re very serious about it.

We stand as strong champions for the new American dream — to build a 21st century America where these issues are paramount so that all people can have the opportunity for a prosperous future. We also believe that individuals, businesses, health care providers, non-profit organizations, and government must work together to find solutions - personally, privately and publicly. We represent tens of millions of Americans and we believe that all of us share a responsibility for making our society work and restoring peace of mind to all Americans.

This is our platform for positive change and our commitment to current and future generations.

Divided We Fail, but together we can do anything.

Wow, that’s impressive stuff, on par with, say, every last speech given by every high-school valedictorian for the past several decades. Basically, it’s meaningless claptrap. But it’s the perfect grandiose-yet-meaningless type of platform that makes perfect sense for these celebrities.

They don’t have to say anything about the two wars going on at this very moment. That would make them seem un-American. They don’t have to pick a side between political parties, therefore they don’t alienate Republicans or Democrats. They don’t ask for Universal Healthcare, that’s socialist. In fact, they don’t actually say anything except “we want affordable healthcare and for people to have more money.” Who can argue with that?

But it’s all a complete load of nothingness. Really, look at their platform. Follow the links. Some of their big points:

- “Lack of exercise and overeating, smoking and drinking too much, pose a growing threat to our nation’s health.”

- “Imagine an America with affordable, quality health care. Let’s work to guide our nation’s policymakers to commit to and achieve changes that will restore America’s peace of mind.”

- “Financial security in retirement is a promise that must be kept. Social Security must be strengthened to meet the needs of Americans.”

- “If you work hard all your life, it’s only fair that you should be able to retire with dignity. That’s the American dream, and we need to make that dream a reality.”

- “All Americans need to learn more about how to earn, spend, save, invest, and protect their own money.”

Of course, they give not even one idea or even theory on how any of this should be done. It truly is an empty campaign that appears to take place in some weird alternate reality where politicians aren’t already owned by corporations and where partisan politics will disappear if Reese Witherspoon shops for enough shoes, Joaquin Phoenix washes enough dishes and Ben Affleck builds enough dollhouses.

I just can’t stress this enough - Divided We Fail is a moronic, self-indulgent, farcical load of crap. It’s a bunch of groups getting together and wasting money that could go to much better use. It’s an opportunity to pander to Americans and come off as politically active, while not taking a stand on anything.

Any way it’s added up, Divided We Fail is an utter failure.


Some people are saying we need better political pundits

March 23, 2008

Peggy Noonan on Meet the Press on Barack Obama’s recent speech on race issues in the U.S.:

“There are people saying, ‘Will this solve race relations in this country?’”

Could the people that have been saying “Will this solve race relations in this country?” about that speech please step forward. Anyone? There’s a cookie in it for you.

Still, there are some people saying that Peggy Noonan is a very serious person.


My Mom: A Supermodel gets the press she deserves in her search for a bone marrow donor

March 22, 2008

A couple days ago, my Mom learned what models have being saying for years now, normally to deaf ears: Being a model isn’t easy.

But my Mom is a natural and her beauty stole the show as she and our upcoming donor drive was featured on a front-page story by the Victorville Daily Press. You can click here or click the photo to see the story, which was well-written by Beatriz E. Valenzuela. Reneh Agha was the photographer and he made my Mom feel at ease during the shoot, which was held at the California Route 66 Museum, where our donor drive will be held on March 29.

As well as capturing the spirit of our drive, Valenzuela did a very good job of pointing out how important it is for people of all ethnicities to get on the bone marrow registry. Being a different race does not preclude one from being a match from someone of another race, but the percentages favor someone of the same race being the perfect match.

For better information on that, and a great deal of information on Bone Marrow transplants and the need for donors in general, head over to Emru Townsend’s site. Townsend is of African-Caribbean descent, and he’s quite well aware of how ethnicity plays a part in the donation process and the need for ethnic donors. Like my Mom, Emru needs a bone marrow transplant to live.

I’d like to thank the Victorville Daily Press (where I once worked many moons back) for helping my Mom and helping us tell people about the drive and the need for bone marrow donors. I’d really appreciate if you took a visit to their site to see the story (which includes a couple controversial and colorful quotes from yours truly) and give them some of the love they showed my Mom, as well as everyone searching for that perfect match.


I miss you, baby

March 21, 2008

Bill and Emilia

Just 10 more days. I really miss you. I’m just the luckiest man.

I love you,


Report: Bush, Cheney in W.H. while thousands die in wars, economy tanks, civil liberties crushed, etc. - also, Hillary in W.H. when Bill had affair

March 20, 2008

WASHINGTON — New found evidence has shown that President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney were officially in the White House when two wars were ordered, leading to widespread death and a complete embarrassment for the nation as both wars turned into horrible failures while leaving the nation’s military in shambles, according to experts.

The new evidence also points out that Bush and Cheney were in the White House as the nation’s economy tanked, home foreclosures went through the roof, the federal deficit exploded, widespread corruption occurred, oil and gas prices hit record highs, and wealth inequality widened substantially.

The evidence also points that Bush and Cheney were in the White House when Habeas Corpus ceased to exist in the U.S., torture became legalized, and eavesdropping on Americans became commonplace.

When asked for comment, Cheney said simply, “So?”

Also, the entire mainstream media has jumped on the possibility that Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton may have possibly been in the White House while her husband Bill was having an affair more than 12 years ago.


Crossposted at Shakesville

China and the U.S. locked in a soulless embrace

March 20, 2008

The U.S. and China are two of the most important nations on the planet. One is known for torture, eliminating political opposition a government shrouded in secrecy.

The other is China.

And right now, China is doing it’s best impersonation of the Bushian War Machine to let the know the world the horrifying threat it faces in Tibet, lead by the blood-thirsty and sinister (and exiled) Dalai Lama.

China warns of “life and death struggle” over Tibet

BEIJING (Reuters) - China warned of a “life and death” struggle with the Dalai Lama on Wednesday, as it sought to end a wave of protests in its Tibetan regions with arrests and tightened political control.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has accused the Tibetan spiritual leader of masterminding the protests — which culminated in a riot on Friday in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa — from his base in the Indian town of Dharamsala, where he lives in exile.

“We are in the midst of a fierce struggle involving blood and fire, a life and death struggle with the Dalai Clique,” Tibet’s Communist Party secretary, Zhang Qingli, told a teleconference of the region’s government and Party leaders.

“Leaders of the whole country must deeply understand the arduousness, complexity and long-term nature of the struggle,” he said in remarks carried online by the China Tibet News.

China’s state-run media says 105 people surrendered to police for taking part in the Lhasa protests after authorities set a midnight deadline for rioters to turn themselves in over the violence that the Dalai Lama’s officials believe killed 99.
China, whose Communist troops entered Tibet in 1950 after taking power in Beijing, puts the death toll in Lhasa at 13. Foreign media are denied access to the area without government permission, making the competing claims difficult to verify.
China’s authorities are keen to stem the violence quickly and regain stability over the country’s remote far-west before the Olympics, which its capital, Beijing, will host in August.

But the Olympics also makes China more sensitive to international opinion over its policies in Tibet and its response to the unrest, and some activists overseas have demanded that the mountainous region be withdrawn from the Olympic torch relay that starts next Monday.

Now, first of all, can someone explain to me how exactly China got the 2008 Olympics? But more importantly than that, can you explain to me why the U.S. is not only unwilling to boycott the games, but actively promoting them and China?

“I’m going to the Olympics. I view the Olympics as a sporting event,” said George W. Bush. “I mean, you got the Dalai Lama crowd. You’ve got global warming folks. You’ve got, you know, Darfur,” he said. “I am not gonna you know, go and use the Olympics as an opportunity to express my opinions to the Chinese people in a public way.”

China is run by a group of a group of the most despicable humans, none of which could care less about the human rights of anyone. They defecate on free speech and freedom of the press, murder dissidents, and turn a blind eye to all manner of atrocities in the name of making money. The Chinese government is truly a blight on the Earth.

And they will be hosting the Summer Olympics. And young American athletes will perform for them.

Yet even with a horrifying record of human rights and the current crackdown and murder of dissidents in Tibet, the United States continues to buy their products and refuses to even consider the possibility of boycotting its Olympics. If you need to see what America stands for in 2008, look not only at the picture of a dead Iraqi child, but look at a dead Tibetan protester or a poor Chinese citizen, as well.

Because the U.S. in 2008 is pro-any human rights violation, so long as money bleeds out of it. They used to speak of how the Soviet Union had no soul. But now the U.S. embraces China, without a soul to be found anywhere within the embrace. Because the U.S. has sold off its last shred of humanity for a continued influx of cheap and poisonous children’s toys made by slave labor.

The U.S. and China have a lot in common. One country could care less about Chinese or Tibetan citizens and would gladly see them abused as much as humanly possible in order to feed its economy. And the other is China.


Scientists in a lather over Tiger Woods and his sweat

March 19, 2008

If you were a scientist - a real, dedicated scientist - could you think of anything more fulfilling than spending your days examining Tiger Woods sweat? Well, Scientists at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute do just that. See for yourself:

For more on the hard work done by these scientists on a golfer’s bodily fluids, click here to see my blog on the subject.


Statement by William K. Wolfrum: I denounce everything everyone has ever said, ever

March 17, 2008

William K. Wolfrum made this statement to all his supporters at 3:30 p.m.

This year, more than ever, being a Blogger is the most important job in the world, and I say this without a whit of hyperbole.

However, being a top-notch Blogger has many responsibilities. Such as, one must be entirely clean from even the whiff of scandalous statements. There is no way a blogger can get his or her message across if someone, somewhere said something that offended someone else, somewhere else.

That is why today, I, William K. Wolfrum, officially denounce everything everybody has ever said, anywhere, ever.

I take this action because my staff has informed that people can be offended by a wide range of comments from “The Pope is a Bastard” to “Hey Sally, good morning!”

That is why I felt it necessary to what’s now known as a “mass denunciation” of all comments ever made on this planet. Please note, I also denounce my use of the phrases “The Pope is a Bastard” and “Hey Sally, good morning!” and apologize for using them and hope people will see that I was just using them as an example.

In fact, let’s be honest, most the things I’ve written, said, and even thought throughout my life have been controversial and offensive, to say the least. I denounce all of it, effective immediately. I hope my self-denunciation shows how serious I am on this effort to distance myself from all things offensive so that the nation’s dialogue can continue.

I’d like to point out that I am firm in my denouncements. I am not in any way trying to sneak a secret message across to the media, where reporters or fellow bloggers could grab a statement from here and use it as something to denounce me for. My denouncement is all-encompassing, and done with complete and utter honesty, and, in fact, includes a complete denouncement of this Statement of Denouncement.

I hope this statement clears things up about my beliefs of the statements of others. Because during this time of great importance, it’s vital we are all able to focus on real issues, like Eliot Spitzer’s recent bust on prostitution charges.

Note: I also denounce my above usage of the words “prostitution” and “Spitzer.”

Thank you for your time and I have retained counsel in this matter.


Crossposted at Shakesville

Fox News, they report, you get your flesh eaten by wolves

March 16, 2008

From Fox News:

The Headline: Iraqi Soldier, Once Loyal to Hussein, Gives Up Attacks Against U.S. Military to Help the Coalition Cause

The Money Quote: “When American soldiers turn up I feel very sad for myself, my country and the fact that I have to sit down and deal with them. I feel like wolves are eating my flesh during the meeting.”


My Mom: Whipping me at Scrabble like she’ll whip leukemia

March 15, 2008

Yesterday I got my ass handed to me by my Mom in Scrabble. 345-313. She clinched it about half-way through when she put down all her letters for “Derange.” When we figured it out to be 81 points she said, very sweetly with just a hint of patronizing, “Well, that’s not so much for a seven-letter word.”

“No Mom, it’s actually pretty good,” said I, in a 100-point plus hole that I could never climb out of, as my Mom silently reveled in her triumph. She is sweet, but highly competitive, which is probably why all of us feel she will win her battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

So my Mom is home now again. She had to spend an extra 10 days in the hospital after getting a bad stomach infection due to having a nearly non-existent immune system after her latest round of chemo. Two days ago was the first day she could eat real food again after living two weeks eating only broth and Jello and dropping to about 105 pounds. Yesterday she made her old favorite, homemade chicken noodle soup, and my Mom, Dad and I ate til we dropped. Damn it was good. Then my Mom planted her little body on the couch. “Monk” was on, you know.

It’s great to see my parents together in their little routine; my Mom making sure everything is clean and in its place, my Dad either looking for something he misplaced or telling my Mom which pill she should take and when. Then marking it down. And checking it off. Occasionally my Dad will give his political views which are, well, a little too Little Green Footballs for my taste. But I politely turn the other cheek when he explains how nuking Iran would really settle down everything in the Middle East. Many of us have learned that talking politics with your parents is not always the best idea, and now, with larger issues on the table, for us, political differences are quite irrelevant.

So luckily my Dad’s power to run the country are somewhat limited, and the stuff he does have power over he does well and is as nice a guy as you’ll ever meet in person. One thing I will always give him credit for is this: He owned a trucking company for years, and if all businesses or corporations handled things the way he did, it would be a better country indeed. He didn’t need anyone telling him what the minimum wage is because he always paid more (except to me, when as a pre-teen and teen he’d hire me to unload trucks and pull weeds.)

But he treated his workers with respect, paid them well, gave them health insurance and even matched donations into their retirement plans up to a certain amount. Keystone Trucking Service is gone now, but it was a business he was proud of and rightly so. As an old-school Republican, he talked the talk, but he also walked the walk, and a lot of drivers made some very good money in the three decades or so he had his company.

My parents have now pretty much accepted that a bone marrow transplant is their best and really only option. My Mom is in remission now, but that can only last for so long, possibly not even a year. She will soon undergo more chemo in preparation for the transplant, though no donor has been found as of yet.

We’re having a Marrow Donor Drive on March 29, and if you’re anywhere near the High Desert, California area, let me know and I’ll tell you all about it. I can also send anyone interested a flyer, and if anyone knows how to turn a Microsoft Word document into a Jpeg, let me know, it would be most helpful. And, like I wrote before, if you have any questions or would like to help in any way, please e-mail me at wkwolfrum(at)gmail(dot)com or check out to learn more about the incredible need for bone marrow donors this country faces.

So that’s where we’re at. Living life one day at a time as best as possible. It’s wonderful to see my Mom feeling so good and enjoying her life again without any problems. She’s just this happy little control freak who does the “warsh” as a form of relaxation. Like most from Pittsburgh, she’s an interesting one, my Mom.

I just want her to stay around longer. At 67, she is sharp and happy and beautiful. Even if it means losing at Scrabble again and again, I don’t want my Mom to go yet.


The Conspiracist: Attack on Iran falling into place

March 13, 2008

Hey everyone, William K. Wolfrum, AKA, “The Conspiracist” here. I’ve got some doozies for you so hold on to your hats and here THE TRUTH!

I’ve been scouring my anonymous sources for some time now, and while the “Mainstream Media” does it’s job of showering pictures of Eliot Spitzer’s prostitute on their front pages to keep the Sheeple shleeping, I have uncovered some amazing information - the maniacal New World Oligarchy that currently runs the Western World is planning an all-out attack on Iran, very likely before the November elections.

Hold on to your hats people, this is big.

First, my cousin heard this information second-hand from a trusted source: Admiral William Fallon, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East has resigned. Fallon who recently publicly criticized the Bush Administration’s policies on Iran, and resigned in a hastily called press conference, going totally under the radar on the mainstream media - but not under the radar of “The Conspiracist.”

The subversive underground magazine known as “Esquire” wrote a long article recently on Fallon, claiming “As the White House talked up conflict with Iran, the head of U.S. Central Command, William “Fox” Fallon, talked it down. Now he has resigned.”

The “Esquire” article was written by long-time Conspiracy advocate Thomas Barnett, a shady underground figure who has never been seen publicly.

The White House has vigorously denied that Fallon was forced out. And the part of the White House’s propaganda arm, The Washington Post, had this to say about Fallon’s departure:

The man most responsible for the departure of Fallon is Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, the savior of the war and the Bush administration with the surge, the counter-insurgency genius, the Washington-savvy Princeton grad, and a pretty boy called “King David” by many. His boss in the military is Fallon, commander of the Central Command, but from day one of his assignment to Iraq, Petraeus reported directly to the White House, thus circumventing the chain of command and virtually ignoring the views of his superior officer.

The author of this piece, the propagandist William M. Arkin finished his piece by writing “The good news is that with those kinds of resources being committed to Iraq, and with the lessons of the war, the likelihood of Bush and Cheney starting an Iran war is virtually zero.”

When a propagandist like Arkin writes about the New World government of Cheney and Bush learning lessons, you know more war is ahead.

But while Arkin tries to keep the public from looking too hard at the imminent attack and takeover of Iran, other mainstream sources are subtly setting out the Administration’s talking points: That Iran is a terrible, horrifying threat more devastating and dangerous that 50,000 Hitlers, 10 Stalins and a Mao.

- Iran Fires Artillery at Kurdish Villages in Northern Iraq

- U.S. punishes Bahrain bank for its Iran ties

-U.N. Alleges Nuclear Work By Iran’s Civilian Scientists

- Iran’s Nuclear Defiance Further Exposed

- Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran?

By while the U.S. has continued to slowly push the image of a nuclear-armed, insane-with-power Iran that must be vaporized to the public, the little-known Conspiracy Web magazine “U.S. News & World Report” — run by three heroic patriots from an undisclosed basement in the South Indies - writes that the world is not falling for it. According to one of these anonymous patriots, writing under the pseudonym of “Thomas Omestad,” world support for an attack on Iran is dwindling:

The new survey has charted what, for the Bush team and its allies overseas, must be an alarming drop in support for economic sanctions or military strikes on Iran, which despite the passage of a third United Nations Security Council sanctions resolution last week is still refusing to suspend its nuclear work. Compared with a June 2006 BBC poll, backing for a tougher approach to Iran fell in 13 of 21 countries where people were questioned both times.
Even in a staunch ally like Britain, support for those measures fell 9 percentage points, from 43 percent to 34 percent. In Australia, the share dropped 10 points and in Germany 9 points. Even in the United States, the figure dropped from 66 percent to 60 percent over that period.

But take this from me, The Conspiracist - there is a conspiracy out there, and signs still point to Bush and Crew creating more war, more death and destruction. So while election results do have importance, don’t take your eye off this one important factor - The U.S. is still planning to attack Iran.


Mary Ann leaves Ginger in a cloud of smoke

March 11, 2008

In the legendary debate between Gilligan’s Island stars Ginger and Mary Ann, it is now official who the winner is: Mary Ann thoroughly smokes Ginger:

This undated photo, supplied by the Teton County Sheriff’s Department, shows Dawn Wells, the actress who played ‘Mary Ann’ on Gilligan’s Island, who was sentenced Feb. 29, 2008, to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation in Idaho after pleading guilty to one count of reckless driving. The guilty plea came as part of an agreement with prosecutors in which three misdemeanor counts — driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance stemming from an Oct. 18, traffic stop — were dropped. (AP Photo/Teton County Sheriff’s Department)

Party on, Dawn.


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