Wolfrum’s Morning: The New Memes Are Here! The New Memes Are Here!

April 30, 2012

The least offensive part of the media-politician lovefest that is the White House Correspondents Dinner was the presence of Kim Kardashian.

Today’s Reading

Scott Lemieux: A Romney victory means a conservative Supreme Court for a generation.

Mother Jones: Romney supports whack-job, racist author.

 Washington Post: Let’s just admit that Republicans are the problem.


Wolfrum’s Word

Just in case you were wondering what the latest GOP talking point is, it’s that President Barack Obama is diminishing the office, and everything else in America:

John Boehner: Obama diminishing presidency by fighting student loan battle.

John McCain: Obama diminishing memory of 9/11 by speaking of Osama bin Laden killing.

Frank Gaffney: Obama diminishing America by not attacking Iran.

Expect to see this be a continuous assault on Obama - that he is somehow diminishing the office. It should play well with the Conservative base that Mitt Romney so desperately needs.


Dogs continue to diminish grey wolves.


Floyd Mayweather, Jr. regularly beats women - Cowardly Sportswriters regularly ignore it

April 28, 2012

This is the only type of battery sportswriters will mention when it comes to Floyd Mayweather.

As Floyd Mayweather prepares for his fight next week with Miguel Cotto, commentators are quick to point out that he will soon be serving time in jail. What they avoid talking about is why he will be incarcerated: Domestic Battery.

Mayweather - who should bank around $30 million for fighting Cotto - will soon be serving 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic battery charges in order to avoid felony charges. Has this set off a national discussion on athletes who abuse women? Hardly. A quick check of Google News shows these search results:

Mayweather, Cotto: 828 results.

Mayweather, domestic battery: 4 results.

In my search, I was able to find one story about Mayweather’s domestic battery: And in it, Mayweather says he isn’t guilty and compares himself to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

Mayweather’s domestic battery conviction is no one-time affair, either. In fact, one could strongly make a case that “Money” is an unapologetic serial woman abuser. Via Wikipedia:

  • In 2002, Mayweather was charged with two counts of domestic violence and one count of misdemeanor battery. He received a 6 month suspended sentence, 2 days of house arrest and was ordered to perform 48 hours of community service.
  • In 2004, he was given a one year suspended jail sentence, ordered to undergo counseling for “impulse control” and pay a $1000 fine or perform 100 hours of community service after being convicted of two counts of misdemeanor battery against two women.
  • On September 9, 2010, it was reported that Mayweather was being sought by police for questioning after his former girlfriend, Josie Harris, filed a domestic battery report against him. Harris has accused Mayweather of battery in the past, but those charges were later dropped in July 2005 after Harris testified that she had lied and that Mayweather had not, in fact, assaulted her.
  • On December 21, 2011, a judge sentenced Mayweather to serve 90 days in the county jail for battery upon his ex-girlfriend in September 2010. Mayweather reached a deal with prosecutors in which he pled guilty to misdemeanor battery in exchange for prosecutors dropping the felony battery charge. Mayweather also pled no contest to two counts of misdemeanor harrasment which stemmed from Mayweather threatening to beat his kids.

Mind you, Wikipedia is no authority on violence against women when it comes to professional athletes. A look at NFL Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown’s page doesn’t even mention domestic abuse, despite the fact Brown is better known now for his violence against women than his playing or acting career.

Sure, sportswriters and the media are occasionally prone to brief, quickly forgotten moments of navel-gazing as to why the profession ignores violence against women:

“This is in no way meant to diminish Vick’s crime, but it seems fair to wonder why there’s a conspicuous lack of outrage when we hear about athletes torturing women,” wrote Barry Rozner. “And whether a battered woman today matters less than a dog.”

Yes, in the sports writing profession, a dog matters more than a woman. Take yesterday’s episode of Friday Night Fights, when the universally acclaimed Rick Reilly interviewed Mike Tyson, and didn’t once mention the fact that Tyson is a convicted rapist and well-known abuser of women.

I have written of this subject several times in the past and it is my opinion that American sportswriters either are cowards when it comes to violence against women, or they approve of it. Because Floyd Mayweather is going to jail for battering a woman and all they can talk about is fight predictions. Here’s a prediction that will assuredly come true - Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will physically hurt a woman again. And sportswriters around the nation will ignore it again.

Because American athletes better not cheat, or play too aggressively or use performance-enhancing drugs. But beat a woman? Forget about it.





“Solid bipartisan Support” may not mean what they think it means

April 27, 2012

There are few things more political journalists like than the term “bi-partisan.” To the point they’ll use it

The House’s solid bipartisan vote for a cybersecurity bill sends a message to the Senate: Now it’s your turn to act.

The vote Thursday was 248-168, with 42 Democrats joining 206 Republicans in backing the measure.

President Barack Obama has said he will veto CISPA if it makes it to his desk.


Wolfrum’s Morning: A member of the pack

April 26, 2012

Like it or not, you will always be part of the pack.

Today’s Reading

Daily Beast: Rupert Murdoch confirms he is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

BBC News: Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor charged with 11 of counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

ABC News: Marco Rubio may not be quite ready for prime time.

The Rude Pundit: Mitt Romney is just breathtakingly vile.

Wolfrum’s Word

Libertarian types seem to believe the U.S. began when they made money. The rich got that way from 250 years of Americans paving their way. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor in the U.S., you live in a complex society. It makes no difference if you want to or not. And if that society breaks down, all the money in the world won’t save you.


This was once a mighty wolf. Go figure.


Beating Romney will be the easy part for Barack Obama

April 25, 2012

Almost exactly two years ago, corporate whistleblower Sam Antar told me this:

“With all the stimulus money going out, the Republicans will eventually find some corruption charge (on Obama) they think will stick,” said Antar. “It’s just a matter of time.”

Here’s what Rep. Darrell Issa (R) - the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform - had to say just recently:

“We are busy in Washington with a corrupt government, with a government that I said more than a year ago was perhaps — because of the money, because of the amount of TARP and stimulus funds — was going to be the most corrupt government in history, and it is proving to be that, just exactly that.”

I have long believed that Obama will win re-election. But, more and more, I think the GOP will be fine with that. Winning the Senate and keeping the House will be enough. Especially if those legislative bodies spend the majority of their time obstructing legislation and conducting impeachment hearings against Obama.


Wolfrum’s Morning: The Keynes to victory

April 25, 2012

There was a time when this man's opinions mattered.

Today’s Reading

Paul Krugman: Let’s say it again - Keynes was right.

Rob Delaney: I love Levon Helm and America.

Politico: Marco Rubio’s rise has been helped by a life story. One that more and more sounds like it wasn’t his.

Smart Politics: Mitt Romney continues to learn that the GOP just isn’t that into him.


Keynes & Hayek rap about economics.


Pic proves Barack Obama elbowed James Harden in the head

April 24, 2012

The plan to denogginize James Harden likely started here.

When Metta World Peace elbowed Oklahoma City’s James Harden, fans around the U.S. were aghast. Now, comes the bitter truth - President Barack Obama has met the former Ron Artest and once put his hand on his shoulder.

This should haunt Obama for the rest of his life. And, if not, it’s much more damning than anything Team Andrew Breitbart has come up with against him.


“Obama Sucks” won’t be enough

April 24, 2012

Since beginning his work on the general election, presumptive GOP nominee has kept things simple - attack Barack Obama from all angles. This should not be surprising, of course, as the entire GOP nomination process was about seeing who could despise Obama more.

With just more than six months remaining until the general election on Nov. 6, Romney’s is just getting warmed up. His attacks on Obama - notably on the economy - will be inexhaustible. But herein lies the rub - that’s a loser’s tactic.

During Obama’s historic 2008 campaign, he rallied people with his “Yes we can” rhetoric. The enthusiasm was for a man that promised to make the changes needed in a political system that was clearly broken. And while some feel let down that actions didn’t match the words in the past three-and-a-half years, Obama will again make the same pledge.

For Romney, however, there is no great change on the horizon. His economic plan is more tax cuts for the rich. His education plan is privatization. His foreign policy plan is to bomb countries.  All his plans, in fact, are just jacked-up versions of the same plans the GOP has given us for decades. It’s not a platform a Presidential candidate can loudly trumpet in this day and age.

But Romney will trumpet Obama’s errors, occasionally real but mostly conceived. Unfortunately for Romney, Obama’s real achilles heal with Democrats and independents - civil liberties - won’t be included in the barrage. The GOP will see to it that Civil liberties are a verboten subject.

As time goes on, Obama’s lead over Romney will grow. Because Mitt Romney has nothing to offer outside of attacks on Obama. And too many people are already sold on Obama for this to have meaningful effect on the election.

Voters across the U.S. are already seeing Romney and the GOP in one light - they want Obama out. And if it means supporting a candidate that half the conservative base loathes, then so be it.

So while Obama will run on Change again, Romney and the GOP will run on an “Obama Sucks” platform. And that’s just not smart campaigning. And it won’t be nearly enough to keep Obama from winning a second term.



Wolfrum’s Morning: Eros is love

April 24, 2012

A little Rottweiler puppy frolicking. Dedicated to Eros, my brother Pedro’s dog, who passed away at age 11.

Today’s Reading

Think Progress: Mitt Romney has some terrible advisers.

Common Dreams: Walmart learns that $24 million in bribes goes a long way in Mexico.

Frontline: What you need to know about the financial crisis (for one, it’s never ended.)

Alternet: How restrictions on later-term abortions hurt women.

Mona Eltahawy: Why do they hate us?


You can’t call out Mitt Romney as a liar because that’s a Mormon thing and is covered by freedom of religion.


Every puppy should have its own cat (the opinion of your cat may vary).


Ridiculously Photogenic Guy II - Unshaven Kevin Love Edition

April 23, 2012

If Kevin Love weren’t 6-foot-11 or so, he’d be a perfect fit in a boy band.


From Humble Beginnings …

April 23, 2012

The first video ever posted on YouTube:


It got better. More from the Lester & Charlie Review.


Wolfrum’s Morning: Case of the Mondays

April 23, 2012

I believe you’d get your ass kicked saying something like that, man.

Today’s Reading

Nomadic Politics: UK tabloids having a field day with Barack Obama Sr.

Wonkette: I know what will fix things, another Bush in the White House!

Crooks & Liars: Howard Kurtz is a lousy media critic.

FreakOutNation: Gov. Scott Walker knows how to take care of his own - at the expense of Wisconsin teachers.

Politico: Ted Nugent finding himself less and less welcome.

Cognitive Dissidence: See Robert Greenwald’s latest work - “Koch Brothers Exposed.”


Sometimes I think the only way I’ll get the attention I deserve is to release my sex tape. Mind you, it’s not me on the sex tape, I just feel it’s bringing me bad luck keeping a sex tape around.


We’re putting cover sheets on all TPS memos now.


For your 4/20 viewing pleasure: The Carina Nebula

April 20, 2012

Because you may need something to stare at today. The Carina Nebula - courtesy the Bad Astronomer.


Mitt Romney hates cookies - Just like Hitler, Manson and Castro

April 20, 2012

As Mitt Romney begins his general election battle against President Barack Obama, intrepid reporters and pundits have stumbled across something about him that should terrify us all - Mitt Romney hates cookies.

Mitt Romney's cookie-hate will kill us all.

Recently, in Pittsburgh, Romney insulted cookies from Bethel Bakery. This insult has reverberated across the nation. What kind of man hates cookies? I’ll tell you - an evil man.

Using historical research methods perfected by Jonah Goldberg, I have discovered that some of the most heinous men in history share one common trait - they despised cookies.

Take Adolf Hitler, for example. So many lives could have been saved if people had just read this passage in his book:

“Ich verachte Cookies und sie müssen von der Erde vertrieben werden!”

Translation: “I hate cookies and they must be driven from the Earth.”

Or there is the case of Charles Manson, who once wrote this in a poem.

“Wie Cookies und Böse, Mann, vergiften sie die Milch und der Mann isst sie und Speckschwarte und dann töten die Säuglinge von der Freiheit.”

Translation: “Like cookies and evil, man, they poison the milk and the man eats them and pork rinds and then kill the babies of the freedom.”

Chilling stuff, indeed.

These are just two cases, but it is obvious that people like Stalin, Jimmy Carter, Fidel Castro and countless other evil men have despised cookies. And no one has ever connected the two. It is time we see the truth behind cookie hatred - it is a sign of pure evil.

Am I saying that Mitt Romney will start a cult, commit genocide and put solar panels in the White House? Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. That is why Cookiegate matters. In fact, it is the only thing that matters in the United States. Well, that and whatever Ted Nugent happens to say.

So remember, the coming election is about issues and you have two choice - a noted cookie lover in Barack Obama, or an evil, sick man like Mitt Romney who despises cookies and humanity. Choose correctly or pay the consequences.



Critiques of Libertarianism: More than just the movie Human Centipede

April 19, 2012

I’ve had several of my own critiques of Libertarianism, but if you’d like some serious ones, check out Critiques of Libertarianism. Mind you, I stand by this assessment:

“Libertarianism is a lot like the movie “Human Centipede” in that everyone involved is completely full of shit and it’s never actually been done in real life.”


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