William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – June 21, 2010

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BP CEO Tony Hayward, relaxing at home with the small people now that he has his life back.


Burn it all: Burning of oil in the Gulf of Mexico means death to wildlife. Also, there’s a lot more oil gushing than previously reported.

Politicizing the Oil Spill: It was all bi-partisan teamwork on the oil disaster until Democrats started mocking Joe Barton.

Let Them Drill: There’s no evidence that Deep Water drilling is risky, say plaintiffs.

Israel Eases Gaza blockade: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that easing the Gaza blockade will weaken Hamas. Maybe they could have figured that out pre-flotilla massacre.

Also: Rapper “The Game” shot and killed, humanitarian and former NBA fan-favorite Manute Bol dies.

Odd News

A Heady Day: Finally, we can answer the age-old question - how many human heads can you fit into three boxes?

Catholic Priorities: Remember, it’s much worse for a comedian like Louis CK to make jokes about pedophile priests than it is to defend pedophile priests.

Today in Tasering: Not wearing a seat belt? Tase him!

Put the camera away: If you happen to be being beaten by a Maryland cop, for God’s sake, don’t film it.


Brazil Handily Wins: Luis Fabiano scored twice (albeit once illegally), as Brazil continued South American domination of the World Cup with a surprisingly easy 3-1 victory over Ivory Coast. Brazil’s only complaint? Kaká being tossed from the game for allowing an Ivory Coast player to run into him.

Anarchy in France: At the 2010, the French can’t win a game and is in the midst of a player revolt. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group.

U.S. Open to McDowell: Graeme McDowell survived a tough Pebble Beach to win golf’s U.S. Open, leaving big names like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els in his wake.


Tomfoolery: My Day with Karl Rove.

EZKool: If you watch only Fox News, you know for a fact that the British Petroleum Oil Spill is all the Federal Government’s fault.

Political Carnival: Blackwater forced to pay the price for their sins - by getting a new $120-million government contract.

Pam’s House Blend: What you missed this weekend.

Tweet of the Day

Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes Mark Kirk’s resume.”



2 Responses to “William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – June 21, 2010”

  1. hugh.c.mcbride on June 21st, 2010 8:03 pm

    RIP, Manute Bol. Though I stand by my long-held belief that anyone who looks to the world of professional sports for role models is an idiot, we could all do well to model ourselves after the active compassion with which Mr. Bol lived his post-NBA life.

  2. William K. Wolfrum on June 22nd, 2010 6:19 am

    He was a good man all along, always supporting his country of Sudan. And hey, who can forget that the first time he tried to dunk he knocked his front teeth out on the rim.

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