Catholicism must be banned and Pope put to death for anti-free-speech speech

January 15, 2015

The recent attacks on Charlie Hebdo have made one thing extremely clear – the right of free speech is one that should never be infringed upon. The heinous murders of journalists and satirists have woken up the world and forced us all to accept that we must fight for everyone’s right to speak freely.

This is why I am so disappointed in the recent reaction from Pope Francis.

“One cannot make fun of faith, said Francis, the leader of a small religion known mostly for murdering people in the 1200s and molesting children all the time afterward.

Francis’ statements not only destroy the memory of those murdered by radical jihadists, they also set humanity back to a time when we all hid under rocks, fearful of a death god who would disembowel us all. As a society, we must strive for better.

This is why the Catholic Church must be banned and the Pope must be arrested. Spreading anti-free-speech speech is not just dangerous, it’s totally unacceptable. It is time for anonymous followers of freespeachism to shut down Catholicism and the Pope for good.

Radical Islam threatens all of us. It is the belief that freedom is a sin and that all must bow to gods and prophets and cats are dogs and who knows what else. If we let the jihadists have their way, free speech would be gone forever. And Pope Francis is on their side.

We must always respect the right of free speech. We must defeat the jihadists that would enslave us all. This is why Pope Francis must be arrested and put to death for his irresponsible and hate-filled words. Because, while I may not agree with what you say, I will fight to the death to get you to stop saying bad things about free speech.



How to tell a real attack on free speech

January 8, 2015

Not an attack on free speech:


An attack on free speech:

Know the difference.



Today in History: First Mate Crunch

December 30, 2014

Cap'n Crunch

Born on this date in 1667, First Mate was the highest position ever attained by Sir Arturo Felipe Crunch. He was only promoted by the British Navy to the position of Cap’n posthumously following his tragic death aboard the HMS Eagle during the Scilly Navel Disaster of 1707.

Crunch left a wife and four children.


Letter to the Editor: That thug deserved it

December 1, 2014


When I first heard of the appalling actions that took place last week, I was outraged. How could a seemingly innocent man be killed by the authorities in such a callous way? How could such a killing take place?

After some time, however, the facts became clear – the young man who was killed was just asking for it. Yes, I said it, it was the thug-like actions of Jesus Christ that led to his killing.

This Christ fellow spent his time wandering the streets, talking loud and with his robe riding far too low. He was always surrounded by a gang of like-minded thugs who would bully people wherever they went. Essentially, they were a gang of thugs who were wandering the streets stealing and destroying property.

Did you hear about what happened in the temple? My heart is broken for these poor money changers who were just trying to make a living. But an angry Christ came in and destroyed everything they had worked so hard to accomplish.

And what about the wine, fishes and loaves of bread that Jesus supposedly “conjured up?” Most likely, Jesus and his band of thieves stole that food and gave it to other thieves. His supporters will say all kind of things, and the liberal press will eat it up. But think of the poor, poor small business owners who have suffered because of the lawless action of these thugs.

Life should be cherished. But in the case of this Jesus person, he got what he deserved. If you’re going to live like a thug, prepare to die like one. I say crucify the lot of them.


Vinicius Lauten

February 2, 32.


Dog thoughts

October 26, 2014


The moment you realize you’re hanging out with the cool kids.


George Foreman beats five men – stupidly

October 14, 2014

A long time ago (1975),  in a boxing ring far away (Toronto), George Foremen beat five men in one night. And, wow, was it stupid. Read more about it here, in my first story at the site Medium.



Heroic Adventurer discovers local WalMart

October 13, 2014

DES MOINES  – Local man Russ Thompson returned home to a hero’s welcome today, following his brave discovery of a local WalMart.

Thompson had set forth on his journey earlier in the day, after receiving orders from his Queen, Darla Thompson, his wife of 14 years. Thompson’s perilous voyage to the WalMart – located 17 blocks from his home – included battles with two street lights and an unforeseen sneeze that led him to briefly question his health.

“I’m pretty sure I caught something at the bowling alley last night,” said Thompson, a bowler. “Terry was looking like crap. I think he gave mea flu or something.”

Upon landing at the WalMart, Thompson was touched by the kindness of the native WalMartians.

“Everyone was so nice and so accommodating. They taught me so much,” said Thompson, 34.

After receiving their help and purchasing some of their items, Thompson attacked the WalMartians with full force, killing the vast majority of them using weapons he found in the store. Nearly the all the rest had been infected by the flu which originated with Thompson’s bowling companion Terry. Thompson then claimed the WalMart as his own.

Despite the carnage, Thompson was met at home with open, adoring arms.

“He really is a hero,” said Darla Thompson. “I needed those Oreos and I needed them immediately. Russ did what he had to do.”

For his part, Thompson said people just need to chill out and enjoy the day.

You could call it genocide, I guess. If you want to be a dick about it,” said Thompson, a Virgo. “I’ll let history judge me.”



Maintain your Fearections with ISIS & Ebola

October 13, 2014

Feeling flaccid? Feeling like there’s nothing left for you to fear? Has your penis stopped working?

Well, maybe ISIS & the Ebola Virus are for you. Yes, ISIS & Ebola have proven they can terrify some men into having erections they’ve been missing since Obama dumped bin Laden into the sea.

Think about it. Remember those heady days or 2001? The 9/11 attacks? Anthrax? Al Qaeda? Remember how hard it got you? Well, now you can relive those fantastic Fearections all over again with ISIS & Ebola.

So get out there today and watch random news shows about ISIS & Ebola. The misinformation and hyperbole will be all you need to be back in the ballgame.

Don’t talk to your doctor about ISIS & Ebola. Just listen to what everyone’s saying and let the fear wash over you. ISIS & Ebola – They’ll make your dick hard.


The Ebola Virus – Save yourself by being a Real American

October 13, 2014

America did not become the greatest nation in the history of nations by trusting science. In a nation noted for its partisan divides, it is this distrust of science that has taken the United States to the top of the mountain. Whether it is conservative mistrust of Climate change or liberal suspicion of vaccines, America is defined by the belief that scientists are nefarious cranks bent on world domination and the death of our babies and economy.

This is why Americans are disinterested in what science has to say about the Ebola Virus. Because science has proven they are illegal gangsters solely beholden to the overthrow of America. Think about it, today all scientists say man is creating a climate nightmare due to global warming. But just 40 years ago or so, there was once one article in a magazine that said the Earth was cooling. There’s only one way to explain that – scientists are big fat liars.

Or take vaccines. Today, Big Pharma and its band of paid science monkeys say that multiple diseases and ailments have been wiped out due to childhood  vaccines. But important Hollywood people like Rob Schneider – who was in the movie “Jack & Jill” – have stated that vaccines cause autism, mind control and various other ailments. Who is correct, science – which has always been wrong about everything or Rob Schneider – who is an actor in movies sometimes?

The choice here is clear.

So while science will have you believe that the only way to get the Ebola Virus is to have direct contact with a patient and that “All cases of human illness or death from Ebola have occurred in Africa,” we, as Americans are aware of the truth - the Ebola Virus is going to rapidly kill every last man, woman and child on the planet. Unless we attack it America-style.

This is why we have created this 5-step method on how to defeat Ebola in the United States.

1) Eliminate all science from the equation. By not having a Surgeon General and having a Fox News, the U.S. is off to a strong start. Stifling science and instead going with the more reliable “gut instinct” means the battle against Ebola is being won.

2) Shout angrily shrill messages at the Virus. Calling it a lazy “taker” that wants only to live off others will slowly sap the virus of its will and leave it weak and malleable. Also, call the Ebola Virus a hypocrite repeatedly. No living organism can withstand being called a hypocrite.

3) Stop giving “scientists” any type of funding. If they want to “cure” Ebola, let them raise the money themselves.

4) Stop vaccinating your children. Vaccinations exist. The Ebola Virus exists. Only a true Sheeple would think that these two things aren’t interconnected.

5) Kill or imprison all atheists. Ebola is never mentioned in the Bible, thus it is a secular disease. Outlawing atheism means you are outlawing Ebola.

Some may scoff at this plan of attack, but those people are usually scientists who get money from Big Pharma and want to destroy the United States government for reasons that are probably really awful, like communism or cannibalism.

In the end, it comes down to this: You could listen to communist cannibal scientists on the take and follow prevention protocols. or you can be a real American, ignore science completely, and survive using your own common sense. Or you will die a horrifying death, bleeding from the eyes. Because that’s what science wants. To control you and population with Ebola.

Or it’s Obama trying to get attention off of Benghazi. Either way, be afraid but be American.


Breaking Archie

July 14, 2014

“Fuck you, Jughead! I watched Veronica die. I was there. And I watched her die. I watched her overdose and choke to death. I could have saved her. But I didn’t.”

Jughead staggered back. He looked shocked and hurt and confused. And I did not give a shit.

“Now it’s your turn, motherfucker,” I said, lunging at him.


Some explanation is in order. I was just a kid, man. Just a red-headed kid from Riverdale. From the outside, we were the perfect town. On the inside, so much darker. Take, Moose for example. By the way, did you know his name was Marmaduke Merton Matowski Mason? Seriously. What the fuck is up with that? Anyway, Moose is an All-City football star and everyone thinks he’s kinda slow but cool. In reality, he guzzles steroids like Tic-Tacs and goes up into the hills to slaughter helpless animals. dude is messed up. Seriously, someone needs to do something about him.

So, anyway, I’m Archie Andrews. And I was just a normal kid. Until  Mr. Weatherbee decided to take me down. Well, decided to try and take me down. Because I learned something about myself. I don’t lose. Ever.


I was selling high-grade heroin out of the back of Reggie’s van. I had just sold a bag to two 11-year-olds I really didn’t give a fuck anymore. Reggie was blowing up my cell phone, but fuck him, with his hands all over Veronica, don’t think I didn’t see that.


Listen, I could have let Weatherbee suspend me for three days, all right? But that’s permanent record, shit. And I’m no one’s bitch. Especially not Weatherbee’s.


“Weatherbee’s dead,” I told Betty. She didn’t look shocked.

“Nothing you do surprises me anymore,” she said. “You’re a monster.”

Betty was right, but fuck her anyway. I had given her the best few weeks of my life. And when things get tough, she turns on me. Well, not this time.

“Listen, bit …,” I started, but was knocked back by Moose. My beautiful, loyal Moose. My beautiful, loyal, wrecked on steroids Moose. Who was now calling the police on me, his Archie. Fuck that. I grabbed the baby and ran.


My grip tightened as I saw the life drain from Jughead’s eyes. The final witness was dead. I was free. I took the briefcase with the $25 million inside. Vegas, bitchez.

I’m Archie Andrews. And I did it all for me.



True Personhood

July 7, 2014

The moment I saw him, I knew something was different. He was a giant, in his way, and he seemed to be involved in everything. He was no ordinary man. He was a person. He was General Electric.

“We bring good things to life,” General Electric told me. And I believed him.


We had only been partners a short while when we were given the case that would change us forever. A family had stopped paying its bills. All of its bills. You could see from his eyes that the General was thrown off by this. Hell, so was I. Who wouldn’t be? This family had stopped paying its electric bills, water bills, gas bills, credit card bills, you name it. It was creepy. And it affected the General deeply.

“That’s imagination at work,” said the General.

As time went on, I came to understand the General more. Paying bills was like a religion to him.

“The Constitution, man. It’s all there. It’s all in there,” GE told me one time. “Capitalism is my God, man. The Constitution repsects my God and who I am? And who am I? Who cares? Why am I a man and not a woman? Well, that should be obvious, but my religious rights will be protected. And bills will be paid.”

He did that, the General. Go off on long diatribes that meant absolutely nothing. And all the while he was talking, he’d be selling arms to
despotic regimes. Dude was messed up.

We left to go pay a visit to this strange family that refused to pay its bills. I’d be lying if I said I was scared. This wasn’t normal. This was like, stuff non-persons did.


We arrived there at noon.

“It’s like, man, I’m a bank. Did you know that, man? A freakin’ bank? I mean, that’s where most my money comes from, right? Hell, what is that? It’s like this, man, I am the storm and I am the sunshine. Simultaneously man … ”

“Ok, for god’s sake, stop,” I said. “We’ve been here 20 minutes. Let’s go to the door.”

At the door we were greeted by Bucky Dentson.

“Seems like a lazy name,” said the General, but I ignored him.

“Listen, Mr. Dentson, it says here that you haven’t paid a single bill in more than five months. We gotta know why,” I said.

Dentson was maybe 50 years old but he looked far older. He looked tired, beaten down from life. It was as though he had worked so hard to be good but the bad had still taken charge.

“Martha … my wife … she died,” said Dentson, breaking down and sobbing, looking for all the world a pathetic and beaten man.

And General Electric leaped out at him with a knife and stabbed at him violently, slashing away at Dentson until he was not just dead but impossible to even identify as a human.

“Well, ok, we’re done here,” said General Electric, dripping blood.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I asked.

“Oh stop it,” said the General. “It had to be done. Order and whatnot. You want to get Mexican on the way in?”

I was stunned.

“I gotta arrest you, man. Don’t you understand that?”

“That woud be a mistake,” the General said, chuckling. “I mean, first of all, who are you going to arrest? Right? I’m too big, regardless. This is just the price of business. Besides, respect my religious rights.

The General laughed evilly. “It’s like you never for once thought what the OPPOSITE of “We Bring Good Things to Life” means.”

I walked to the car. I knew all he said was true. I knew the rules had long ago changed. But it still ate at me.

“But you want it both ways. You want all the rights and all the benefits and none of the responsibilities of being human,” I said. I was exasperated. “Why do you get to have it all?”

“Listen, once there was only dark,” said General Electric, absentmindedly kicking the sludge that was Buck Dentson. “But then we invented green.”

“If you ask me, the green is winning.”



William K. Wolfrum announces he will now take full antibiotics prescriptions, but that’s about it

June 11, 2014

Announcement from William K. Wolfrum:

My friends, the world is a complicated place, full of problems. More problems than I care to list, really, but you get the idea. I mean, you know. FULL of problems.

Now, I like the idea of being a good guy who cares about things. I talk a pretty good game. But the reality is, I’m sort of a narcissistic jerk. The fact that I can admit that makes me a better person than you, but that’s getting a little ticky-tack. Basically, helping out in the world is a pain in the ass. It requires travel and exertion and thinking and not watching “Survivor.” Not helping out is way, way better. But that’s too selfish. So, I’ve decided I must do something.

Lately, I’ve read a couple articles about how for years people have not been taking their full antibiotics prescriptions. This is resulting in an increasing ineffectiveness in the antibiotics as disease bacteria start figuring out their passwords. Or something to that effect. Essentially, what it means is that sooner or later, antibiotics will be useless to humanity and we’ll all die horrible deaths from infection.

So, here’s the deal: From here on out, I will always take all the antibiotics prescribed to me. I admit it, I haven’t before. I was totally part of the problem. But not now. Now I’m part of the solution. Now, I’m helping, not hindering humanity. I’m doing my part. Or at least I will be if and when I’m next prescribed antibiotics. But don’t expect more. I’m probably already doing more than you.

In conclusion, get off my back already.



Man demands new regulations after son kills his gun

May 28, 2014

GUNLANDIA, U.S. — Mark Hanson broke down and sobbed when he saw the carnage. He saw his son and the anger exploded inside of him.

“How could this happen!?” screamed Hanson.

Hanson reached down and picked up the mangled pieces of his now dead gun.

“I just don’t know how I’ll go on,” said Hanson.

It was at approximately 8:15 p.m. last Thursday when 4-year-old Tommy Hanson found his father’s pistol and began playing with it. After an hour of disassembling the gun and then smacking it against a brick, the pistol was effectively useless.

“This was not my child’s fault,” said Mark Hanson. “This is the fault of gun manufacturers making a product that can be broken by a child.”

Since his gun was destroyed, Hanson has become a gun activist, demanding better regulation on guns an gun quality. He said he is planning to speak with representatives of the gun industry early next Wednesday.

“How am I supposed to stay safe, when a child can destroy my gun?” said Hanson. “It’s time for the government to do something. Only a good gun law can protect a gun from a bad child.”

For his part, Tommy Hanson has apologized to his father, and admitted that the gun was much easier to take apart than his father’s hunting rifles, which is his usual toy.

More on this story when it develops.




Breaking: Scientists busted for hour laundering; Daylight Savings Times canceled

March 10, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than 42,000 scientists across the globe – including such luminaries as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking – have been arrested for hour laundering in a world-wide sting, sources say.

“They got them all, finally,” said the source. “Finally, this terror ends.”

The arrests take place following a six-hour investigation by House Republicans in the U.S. The results of the investigation unearthed a massive conspiracy that included thousands of scientists across the globe. Reports show that the scientists were arrested for hoarding hours left over after Daylight Savings Time in Spring. The scientists would then put those hours in a high-yield account. In the Fall, the hours would be paid back, however the interested accumulated was held on to by the scientists.

These extra hours were then laundered by the scientists, and used for such things as spreading global climate change disinformation and investing in making Bill Nye a big celebrity.

“I think we’ve all known scientists are the real enemies,” said a clearly pleased House GOP watchdog Darrell Issa. “Think of all those lost hours? Education truly is evil.”

The criminal enterprise of Daylight Savings Time has been cancelled, and all Americans will need to send a extra hour back to the government, or wait for a possible refund of an hour from the government. The return could take between six-to-eight weeks.

Sources say the Hour Laundering Scam began in 1897 under the watchful eye of scientist Percival Lowell, who believed extra hours could be funneled through canals on Mars. Despite being widely discredited, Lowell eventually used hours he had hoarded in order to get Arizona to name a really nice observatory after him.

The unspoken tradition of hour laundering among scientists has continued since then, with famed scientists such as Isaac Newton – who wasted all his hours on alchemy experiments – taking part (The extra hours could be used to go back in time to include scientists from prior generations).

“So, basically, all scientists from all of history are guilty,” said Issa. “Wow. Seriously, I never think these things will amount anything. This one, tho? Wow.”

Tyson – one of the most famous scientists on the planet – was unable to comment on the story, as it’s still not Daylight Savings Time in the zone he’s in, and the story has yet to break.


Jack’s still here

February 26, 2014

Jack's still here

Jack’s still here. More than 14 years since my wife picked him out, the shivering runt of the litter, in Evansville, Indiana. Since then Jack has lived in California and in Brazil. Jack is a dog well traveled.

I’m writing of Jack to stop the trend of feeling I need to write about my dogs when they die. I’ve done it before for Max and Duchess. I don’t want to do that any more. Especially for Jack. Because Jack is to be remembered for living.

I met Jack when he was two, and would joke with my wife that he would either lead a long life or die in some horrible way. Because Jack loves all people. But hates all other dogs. And isn’t all that fond of the limitations put on living things by physics. Jack – a Boston Terrier – has tried to attack two full-grown Great Danes. He fought Duchess – an Australian Shepherd twice his size – several times. Since he was about the age of five, Jack has been cut off from all other dogs.

Mind you, while Jack seeks to dominate all other dogs, his love of all humans and obedience is utterly pure. As my wife has said, Jack loves her, me, and then all other humans are tied for third. He has always been over-the-moon happy when around people and when receiving attention.

Jack was also blessed with unbelievable athleticism. In his prime he could jump over anything and run faster than the wind. His youth was spent in a jump with no clear plan of where he’d land.

Jack has always been our special dog. He’s not the sharpest of blades. This was even more noticeable when he was growing up with Max, who was an exceedingly intelligent little dog. Jack took years to house train. He destroyed three couches. He had energy enough to fuel six dogs. He was shockingly strong. And he was joyful in his madness.

And Jack’s still here, and acting like he wants to stick around awhile yet. Age has affected him as it must affect us all. Cataracts have taken most of his site, rendering his athleticism dormant. His hearing is shot. His sense of smell isn’t so great, either. He’s by no means decrepit, however. He still has a shocking amount of energy and will spend hours walking around the house, following whoever happens by him.

Jack’s life is one of shadows and routine now. He wakes up at the same time daily. He naps in the sun until he’s blazing hot, something he’s always loved. He enjoys his naps and comforts. He remains strong. Life has given him more savvy. He remains fearless. He is blissfully unaware that life has given him any disadvantages.

I’m petting Jack now. He’s happy and nappy and enjoying his life. And my wife and I are thrilled that Jack’s still here.


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